Dromore man Colin Shirlow has made it 10 years in a row by winning the World Oyster Eating Championship at the Hillsborough International Oyster Festival on Saturday 06 September.

Colin ate 208 oysters in 3 minutes but failed to match his World Record of 233 oysters which he set back in 2005.

Speaking after his victory Colin said “it was a very tough competition this year with two fabulous challengers. I am delighted to have won my tenth title and very relieved that I won’t have to eat any oysters again until this time next year.I also have no doubt that the quality of my competition this year also played a big part in me breaking my record. Miki Sudo and Bob Shoudt were formidable challengers and I really had to focus on my technique to beat them.”

Miki Sudo (28) from Las Vegas and Bob Shoudt (45) from Pennsylvania remarkably both ate 145 oysters to tie for second place.



Miki is the World No 1 ranked Female Competitive Eater and Bob holds a number of world eating records. Both compete regularly on the US Competitive Eating circuit. Commenting on her experience at Hillsborough Miki Sudo said – “It sure is a lot more difficult that it looks. I gave it my best but Colin is a worthy winner, he is the King when it comes to oysters. I had never competed in an oyster eating competition before so I didn’t know what to expect. I am just delighted to have been able to match Bob shell for shell”.

Bob Shoudt who returned to Northern Ireland to take part in the Championship for a second year said “Colin is a legend. I felt sure I would be able to give him a closer run for his money this year but it just wasn’t to be. He has a technique for getting the oyster from the shell and in to his mouth I cannot emulate. I am truly in awe.”


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