Hillsborough a top-rated hidden gem location for UK summer breaks, according to Holiday Lettings


New data from HolidayLettings.co.uk, a TripAdvisor company, reveals Hillsborough is among the UK’s best-rated hidden gem destinations for summer holidays.

Analysing reviews and ratings, the holiday rentals site found that Hillsborough ranks third on the list, with an average rental review score of 4.945 (out of 5.00).

In a blog post, Holiday Lettings calls Hillsborough a “thoroughly pleasant summer holiday base”, highlighting the activities holidaymakers can take part in:

“Hillsborough is home to the rather impressive Hillsborough Castle, a broad Georgian edifice still used by Queen Elizabeth on royal visits. There are 100 acres of grounds to explore and visitors can book guided tours of the state rooms. Also of interest is the tower of the Hillsborough artillery fort and several charming local pubs and eateries.”

Laurel Greatrix, a spokesperson for Holiday Lettings, said holidaymakers planning a summer getaway to Hillsborough could expect great value when booking holiday rentals.

“Rentals are fantastic options for summer holidays,” continues Laurel. “Booking a rental lets travellers enjoy the comforts and amenities of home, like extra space, living rooms, and kitchens while on holiday.”

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