Adam Keefe

Hockey fans love many different types of players. Some love fancy scorers, the danglers, the dancers. Some like the pugilists, the scrappers, the agitators. And some, for some unknown reason that most of us can’t really fathom, like goalies.

But around the EIHL, there’s usually a lot of love for the kind of blue-collar players who make teams tick-the kind of players whose contribution shows on more than just the stat sheets in terms of goals and assists. The kind of players who are often the ones you need to win.

In the EIHL, there’s a player who is one of those par excellence. A player who is arguably the most important player in the EIHL, bar none.


Giant Among Men: Why Adam Keefe Is The Most Important Player In The EIHL, Bar None | Chasing Dragons.

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