Winner @VanMorrison is @BritishGQ Legend Of The Year: #GQAwards

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Blues-shouter, soul-searcher, flower child, Cosmic Celt: never mind the labels, the majestic muse that has steered Van Morrison’s career since those early-Sixties recordings with Them is as single-minded and tireless as “The Man” himself – placing him on a creative plinth he shares only with his friend Bob Dylan.

Morrison’s oeuvre is as restless, original, deified and discussed as Dylan’s, and their work rates more than equal to the task of answering their fans’ (and critics’) questions in the only way they know how – in song. Sometimes gruffly, sometimes serenely, but always honestly. What a leg, indeed…

On winning, Van Morrison says, “I don’t get out much so right after this I’m going to go back in my shell.”


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