Liam Neeson wins @BritishGQ Editor’s Special Award: #GQAwards

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Having begun acting aged eleven, he’s carved some of cinema’s most memorable leading men in everything from The Phantom Menace, Gangs of New York andSchindler’s List. Yet Liam Neeson counts himself among the silver screen’s most successful new action heroes at the tender age of 62.

Seen in Taken and Taken 2 (a franchise that earned £364 million), Non-Stop?, Unknown and The Grey, the physically demanding, baddie-blasting roles are showing no signs of slowing. Next up, you’ll see him in Scott Frank’s A Walk Among The Tombstones.

On winning GQ‘s Editor’s Special Award, Neeson commented, “This is very flattering. I’m in the greatest business in the world and I’ve been making motion pictures for the past 30 years, and they’re still offering me shit. Thank you.”


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