Triona Carville chosen as the voice of Power NI Campaign

Triona Carville

Local singer-songwriter Triona Carville from Teconnaught, County Down has been chosen as the voice of Power NI’s new TV ad for Autumn 2015 ‘a lifetime of lighting up lives’.  Triona, singing an emotional version of ‘Shining Light’ the biggest selling single from Ash, features in the heart warming television advertisement which is currently airing across Northern Ireland.

The ad revolves around a local family, a lava lamp, a little serendipity and a lot of love.  Mum and Dad owned a lava lamp back in the day and had romantically etched their initials ‘R heart F’ on to the base.  Flash forward many years and their funky teenage daughter has found a lava lamp in a charity shop, back in to fashion second time round.  Unbeknown to them all, it turns out to be the very same lava lamp discovered all those years later, coming full circle and completing the love story.  Power NI is integral to the story in that the company has been with the family every step of the way. 

Triona said: “I am so delighted to be chosen as the voice of Power NI and also to have the opportunity to re-record such an iconic song.  It says a lot about

Power NI that they have chosen to not only use a well known local song for their ad, but also have a local artist singing the track.

“My family has been with Power NI for generations and I’m proud to help represent the company.  I’m away in Nashville in the States at the moment performing and writing with some very well known singer-songwriters, but I know I’ll get lots of excited messages when the TV ad airs.”

Kerstie Forsyth from Power NI added: “The idea behind the campaign is to celebrate how proud we are to touch the lives of so many families and businesses across Northern Ireland for literally generations.  It’s the story behind the campaign and the emotion that the track evokes which makes it really special.  

We came up with a story, inspired by love, about the family and the lava lamp and wanted an emotive track and singer to really bring it to life.  Triona has done just that and more.  It gives me goose bumps when I listen to Triona singing the track.

“Power NI continues to light up more lives each day than any other electricity provider and we are proud to be part of the fabric of daily and family life here.  We’re all about savings, simplicity and service, all of which make Power NI number 1.”

Triona’s track is available to download and Power NI will be donating 30p per download to Marie Curie, the company’s chosen charity for this year (up to 10,000 downloads).  To find out more, visit

Astronomy, pets, teabags and friends…just a flavour of what lights up the lives of Power NI staff!

Inspired by Co Down singer Triona and soundtrack to the new Power NI TV ad ‘Shining Light’, staff shared the people, places and things that bring light to their everyday lives, with some responses that may surprise you!

We have known about Triona for a couple of years and posted a video in April, which was later picked up by other social media and went viral

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