Searching for single, attractive, sane?


… you know you can have more than just two!

We know what it’s like when you try online dating, dating apps, or relied on fate in normal life – you can find someone attractive and sane, but not single. Single and sane, but not attractive, and so on…..

How about we say that all three are attainable?

How about meeting Ms Right instead of another Ms Anyone?

Soirée Society is helping successful professional singles discover that great relationships can start the more traditional way – bespoke matchmaking for the individual.

One new client explained that the type of woman he can chat up in a bar and take home is not the type he wants as a long-term partner, but he had no idea there was a better option. So he was bouncing from one encounter to the next.

Not only are Soirée Society successfully matching local singles, we’ve just been recognized by the UK dating industry, reaching the final of two categories at the UK Dating Awards in London – we’re also the only accredited matchmaking company in Northern Ireland.

Our service is discreet, professional and ensures you avoid the risks inherent in finding a partner based on well meaning Aunties, fate or the web! This  isn’t online dating – your profile is secure and only seen by us and your potential date. This means that successful professionals are trusting us to save them time and embarrassment in the search for a partner.

Visit our website now to end the dating drought.