Out On The Roof 2018 : Raising funds for The Rainbow Project

Rainbow Project

Rainbow Project

Out On The Roof 2018 returned to The Ivory last night for its third year in the row to raise funds for The Rainbow Project alongside its sponsors: Allen & Overy, Barclays & Santander.

This year’s aim was to raise £20,000 as over 250 guests hoped to win sought after Game of Thrones memorabilia including a production script for the Season 4 finale episode ‘The Children’ signed by cast members in amongst spa stays and treatments. Raffle prizes included a Jawbox giftset, Galgorm gifts galore and lots of L’Occitane goodies. Jawbox’s Gerry White was on hand to keep the gin flowing and Bushmills was readily available for those starting their Pride Parade celebrations a few days early!

With a packed out venue, flower wall photoboxes and raffle tickets flying out – it was hard to believe that only a week ago The Rainbow Project offices had been broken into. Staff laptops had been stolen and desks rummaged, but there were no signs of that last night as volunteers rushed around and fussed around the events attendees.

Out On The Roof is a business networking and fundraising concept originally created by Allen & Overy in London to connect with their LGBT+ employees. Since its inception, it has grown as an example to encourage local businesses to show their support for the wider LGBT+ community. Joining Allen & Overy, Barclays and Santander were equally proud to sponsor last night’s event, but they weren’t the only ones – Lord Mayor Diedre Hargey was impassioned to be the first citizen to openly pledge her support to the fundraiser and The Rainbow Project.

The Rainbow Project

The night raised £21,680 for The Rainbow Project which will go towards supporting their wealth of mental health services for the LGBT+ community. Congratulations guys!

They say you only get a rainbow after the rain, and if the commiseration’s of last weeks events are anything to go by, then the celebrations of this week are set to be stellar for Pride 2018.

If you would like to support The Rainbow Project, you can do by following this link https://www.rainbow-project.org/donate/donate/5/credit-card alternatively they have lots of other fundraising events this week: tomorrow is the return of the Big Gay Quiz at QUBSU (£5 per ticket) and Friday will see the Pre-Pride Summer Barbeque in full swing at Custom House Square (£10 per ticket).

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Author: Anna Louise Crockard


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