Maya Goldblum

Here’s a preview of the new album single and official video by Maya Goldblum, a young singer songwriter from Sandpoint Idaho who has been living and playing music in Derry, Northern Ireland for the past two years.

 ‘Honey’ to be released August 14th, 2018 is from her debut album ‘Light Shadow Boom Boom’ of ten original songs recorded with some of Northern Ireland’s top young musical talents, which will be released November 2018.

 We’d love to know what you think of the single and video and give it a review and hype ahead of its release. Some photos of Maya and her main collaborators Jack Kelly (double bass) and Darryl Martin (drums) are contained in the Dropbox Link along with the single on WAV and Mp3.

 The album is a mix of different genres – jazz, folk, soul, Americana and Cora Maya defines Honey as Alternative/Neo Soul.

 She says: “Honey is an analogy for music. That’s why I want to visually represent that by being drenched, swimming, consumed by it. Music is a therapy that helps teach me to accept the hardness of being human and in turn allows me to share my sound with the world.”

Maya Goldblum

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