Looking for a Webinar Platform? Here are the Features to Look For

Hosting a webinar is a great way to educate people about various topics. Moreover, it is easier to achieve your goals using a webinar than with other tools. The technology you use to host a webinar is crucial to its success. It is especially so of the webinar platform that you use.

You will need to have clear goals for your webinar program before you go out searching for one. To clearly choose a webinar platform that will work, you will need to find one with the best features. The following are some features to look for in a webinar platform:

Aesthetic Appeal

Though we should not judge a book by its cover, many of us do. It may be right, but we instinctively judge things by their appearance to form a quick assessment, and the same goes for webinars. Therefore, you should look for a webinar platform that will allow your webinar to look great. You can look at ecosecretariat.org/webinarjam-review/ and see some visually appealing webinar platforms. The more aesthetic appeal your webinar has, the more people it will attract to register. Though other features may be of more concern to you, the visuals will be of concern to the attendees.

Interactive Capacity

A webinar is an event where people are going to be interacting a lot as well. Therefore, you should look for a webinar platform with as much interactive capacity as possible. The interactions between you and the attendees of the webinar and between the attendees themselves will often determine how well it is going. 

The platform should be able to handle as much interaction as possible. Features you will want to look for in this regard are chat ability, sharing documents, and creating private chat rooms, among others. However, you should ensure that the interactive features are functional and not just present for aesthetic purposes.

Handling Capacity

Every webinar platform has the capacity to handle a specific number of attendees. The best ones are the ones that can handle the highest number of people. Depending on the goals of your webinar, you should look for one that can handle the capacity you expect. You should do so because most webinars are sold on their capacity, meaning that the more attendees it has, the higher the price. Whether you are hosting a paid or a free webinar will make a significant difference. The reason is that only 30 to 40 percent of free webinar registrants actually attend the event.

Tracking Ability

When hosting a webinar, there will be a constant transfer of information between the host and the attendees. There will also be a significant amount of information shared between the attendees themselves. Therefore, you need to look for a webinar platform with the ability to track the information exchanged in your webinar. 

Tracking will provide you with many metrics that will allow you to measure the webinar’s success or failure. The ability to track information will tell you where your webinar registrants come from and other information. The better you track the information, the easier it will be to promote the next one.

Video Streaming

One of the essential features you will want to look for in a webinar platform is video streaming capacity. Considering the nature of a webinar, you should absolutely reject any platform without video streaming capability. When evaluating video streaming ability, you should ensure that the platform allows you to stream video of the highest quality. 

Even so, it should have the ability to adjust to lower video quality for those with slower internet speeds. The platform should not limit video streaming to a few attendees either, as all the attendees should be able to stream footage of the event. You will need to address the video rights of the platform you choose.


Branding and Customization Ability

You will want to put a stamp on your webinar so that people know who hosted it. To do so, you will need to brand the webinar as you would like it. Branding is essential to a webinar because it lets the attendees evaluate the quality of the host. With brand consistency, most attendees will register for a webinar in a brand they trust.

You should be able to customize your webinar so that it reflects your brand. The more customization ability the platform has, the better it is. In summary, the above features are the basics of what you should look for in a webinar platform. There are several others you can add to the list. However, if you can get the features above, you should have a successful webinar.

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