Ways You Can Express Yourself Through Your Automobile

Your automobile, whether it be a van or car, is a canvas that allows you to show some artistic flair and to get creative. Driving around in a car, decorated and designed according to you, says a lot about your personality – it also allows strangers and friends a glimpse into what you’re all about and what your personal tastes are.

Do not let social conformities stop you from expressing yourself. If you want to paint a dragon on the side of your van, then do it!

Here are a few ways that you can express yourself through your automobile.

The Interior of Your Car

In the United Kingdom, there is a large subculture of van enthusiasts who turn the interiors of their vans into bedrooms, living-rooms, and hang-out spots. However, this is not just something restricted to vans, and in fact, you can turn the interior of any car into somewhere for you and your friends to relax. How about a stretch mini lounge room like in the image above by comparethemarket.com.au? If you do not want to turn your car into a bedroom, don’t worry, you can still get creative.


Over the last twenty years, there have been several popular television shows where members of the public have their cars accessorized and revamped. If you have seen these television shows before, you will be familiar with interior customization. There is virtually nothing that you cannot do to the interior of a car. Televisions, fridges, and turntables? If you have the budget, you can install them.


Another popular trend and method of self-expression in the United Kingdom is through window tints. Window tints, which in the U.K. are regulated by the police, ensure nobody can see into your car but still allow you to see out.

The Exterior of Your Car

Moving away from interior modifications to exterior modifications, but staying with trends of Great Britain, we come now to customized paint jobs. These are, without a doubt, the best method of self-expression with your automobile – they allow you to say a lot about yourself. You can paint your own car with the right equipment, or you can take your vehicle into a body shop to have it professionally painted.

Also popular is the use of LED lights. These lights sit on the undercarriage of your car and cast vivid colors. They are eye-catching, unique, and very cool. But what’s LED lighting without a customized number plate, right? It’s fair to say that the two go hand-in-hand among car enthusiasts.  

Style, Influences, and Cars

In the United Kingdom, most modified vehicles are the vehicles owned by young adults or adults involved in the street racing scene. The style of modifications often seen on cars originates from this scene and was popularized in movies such as The Fast and The Furious franchise. Cars most often modified in the United Kingdom are smaller hatchbacks, vans, and sports cars. 

We hope that, with this page, you now know a few popular ways to express yourself through your automobile. You should be proud of your self-expression and be confident. Do not allow social conformities to dictate how you decorate and design your personal property.

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