Key Factors you Need to Know about House Removal Costs

Moving house can be a lengthy process, full of organising, backbreaking furniture lifting and carrying when done without appropriate guidance and  help. There are two ways to approach house moves. 

The first is making the move independently, with your own transport or maybe with the help of a friend. Arranging, re-assembling and carrying your possessions from A to B with no professional help. The second option, which is a bit less stressful, involves getting help from a removals company. These are professional tradespeople who will do the heavy-lifting for you and even provide you with the option to leave dismantling and re-assembling furniture in their hands. 

Here is some key information that will help make the right decision for you.

House Removal Costs

The first thing that may come to mind is the cost of getting a removals company to help you on the day. There are numerous providers out there on the world wide web so it may be confusing picking one. MyConstructor is a home service company that gathers the best professionals of the trade in one place. Here you will be able to customise your move and choose the right movers based on your budget, location, their reviews and any other preferences that you might have.

Before you begin the move it is important to organise the things you want to transport, in good  time. Leaving  packing and other errands for the last minute will create a more stressful moving day and could even cost you more money. To some it may seem that there really isn’t that much to pack but once the process begins you might change your mind. While opting for house removal company may increase your house removal costs, there are numerous benefits that will come along with it, for example, saving a considerable amount of time and effort on the day. 

There are also several factors that may influence the house removal costs, even when you have found the right company.

Removal Companies: Usually, the rate of pay is determined by factors such as the amount of items/boxes that need to be moved, the distance from location A to location B and additional services such as professional packing, dismantling and re-assembling of the items/furniture. This rate will be paid by the hour. It is important to keep in mind to negotiate the start time of the move, as you will probably want to start paying for the moment the movers arrive at your address. This will rule out unexpected delays due to traffic or other things.

Here is a simplified list of factors that may influence your house removal costs:

  •   Location: house removal costs are also influenced by location, for example the area of London usually has higher rates. Another factor is whether the move will be made locally or at a greater distance.
  •   Items: the amount of stuff you want to move will influence the overall costs. The more furniture and boxes you want moved the larger the scope of work and costs. Pro tip: while packing consider if the items you are bringing will be necessary to have at the new address. Sometimes, it is a good idea to declutter and this can be done by taking some no longer needed things to the local charity shop, selling them or simply throwing stuff out. A house move often signifies a new start and this is the perfect opportunity to leave things that have served their purpose, in the past.
  •   The number of movers: if you are moving heavy furniture, it is advisable that you hire a team of at least two movers (unless you want to do the heavy lifting with the professionals). One mover will not be able to physically carry a sofa or a fridge all by themselves so extra hands will be required.
  •   The number of rooms in the property.

Factors that could decrease your house removal costs:

  •   Decluttering: as mentioned above, decluttering can make a big difference to the house removal costs. This way you will be paying to move items that are actually valuable to you and needed.
  •   Flexibility: sometimes removal companies may be more busy on specific days, as a result, if you want to keep house removal costs as low as possible, being flexible with moving dates can be of great help. Usually time periods such as school holidays or Fridays will see an increase in costs (demand is a factor of influence).
  •   If the budget allows, leaving packing to professionals will decrease the stress and hassle of moving, however, packing by yourself will help with the overall house removal costs, if you do have a tighter budget. Simply, start in good time, keep organised, declutter along the way and you will do just fine.

The best and most simple way to find out about your house removal costs is by getting your free quote today, from MyConstructor. We offer rates starting at £10 per hour, same and next day bookings, free cancellation, national coverage as well as a basic compensation cover. 

How much time will it take?

Each move is different so it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of time your move will take. Sometimes unexpected things happen which may slow down the process on the day so it is wiser to budget for slightly more time, rather than less, when getting your free quote.

The first step when beginning a house move is to get the packing done first. This will give you a more accurate idea of how many movers you will need and how much time the move will take. If ever in doubt, remember, there is help and guidance that you can utilise. Refer to our website and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. 

Each move is personal and we are here to make the journey specific to you, easy and stress-free.

There is also the option of opting for professional packing services. The movers will provide specific and secure packing materials to ensure that your items are kept safe throughout their journey.

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