5 Signs it’s Time to Buy Your First Home

Buying your first home is a huge step. It’s not an easy one, either – it takes a lot of money, paperwork, and time to finally acquire the keys to a place you can call entirely your own. In the end, though, the battle is worth it. If you’re a renter and you’re considering saving for a house deposit, here are five signs that you should.

1: You Are Tired of Renting

While renting can be an affordable way to have your own space, being bound under so many terms can become tiresome. If you’ve rented for your whole adult life and you’re tired of appealing to landlords, jumping through hoops, and having to ask to perform even the smallest bit of DIY, then it might be time to buy your own home.

Just remember to ensure that the rented property in good condition when you leave. If you need a little help with that, hire an end of tenancy cleaning South London company for a thorough and professional clean.

2: You Want to Decorate

One of the most annoying parts about renting a property is the absence of control when it comes to decoration. Of course, you can hang pictures, choose your bedding, and put down your fancy rug, but what about painting the walls or even adding an extension? If you’re dreaming of fresh wallpaper and fresh floorboards, then it might be time to make the splurge and invest in your own place.

3: Your Credit Score is High

One of the reasons some people struggle to purchase their own homes is a low credit score. A low credit score can affect your chances of getting a good mortgage, which most people rely on when purchasing a home. If your credit score is high, though, then you have a good chance of receiving a great mortgage.

4: You Want to Start a Family

While there’s no rule saying you can’t start a family in a rented property, it is easier to do in a house you can call your own. Children are messy; no matter how much discipline you use, they will end up causing trouble and dirtying the walls – it is part of their nature!

Unfortunately, landlords won’t always be understanding about this, and you could end up losing your deposit. With your own house, though, the responsibility is entirely on you, so you don’t have to worry too much about a scratched wall or a bit of spilled paint.

Having your own home is beneficial for getting pets, too. Many landlords don’t allow pets, but even those that do are usually strict about their behaviour. In the end, if you want to start a family, you’re better off with your own house.

5: You Have Enough for a Deposit

If you have the money for a deposit, then instead of putting your money toward rent each month, you could put it toward a mortgage, which is a lifelong investment. It’s a huge leap, but the freedom that comes from owning your own place feels incredible, and you won’t look back.

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