Got Money? There’s A New Dating App But Only For Rich People!


Welcome to 2014 where you need an app to introduce you through the phone. Luxy is a new match-making app that calls itself “Tinder – without the poor people.” Luxy is ONLY for people who make CEO status money. HOW much do you have to pay to join?

Because talking face to face isn’t the social norm anymore, we have to come up with technology to help us meet new people.

But this app is not Tinder, it’s NO Facebook or It’s for Rich people ONLY.

Luxy is a new app that only let’s people who make CEO status money join and it matches you up with other rich people (ugh).

You can also join if you’re a millionaire, in case you were worried.

Thanks millionaires, for taking all of the other millionaires and not saving them for us who make enough money to pay for rent, food, drinks and business class plane tickets.

The app and website works similarly to Tinder, allowing the user to swipe left or right and private message when there’s a money-matchmaker.

The app’s iTunes page claims members are CEOs, investors, millionaires, and fitness models.

But here’s the mind blowing part – members don’t have to prove their income, basically making this a fishing pond for scam artists!

Would you be willing to meet someone from this app?

In our own opinion, an app like this might cause a lot more harm than good – we suggest Belfast Fine Dining Club!



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