Flash games are almost dead, what now?    

If you are actively seeking out a method to download Flash games to your phone in the third decade of the 21st century… we applaud your bravery and will immediately point you to the way of Flash Fox, a convenient little app that you can pick up for free on the Play Store, then use it to download whatever broken piece of Flash code you manage to attempt running on your handset before inevitably crashing Google Play Services and corrupting several background tools in the process of doing so. Ah, this surely feels just like childhood.

So, yes, you can download Flash games to your phone but don’t expect miracles in terms of performance, it’s a miracle there are still developers working on keeping this option available to the average consumer in 2020. Now, want the actual Flash app for playing supported games on your smartphone or tablet? For that, you’ll need to go back in time around ten years, just as Steve Jobs proclaimed Flash to be dead software walking, and buy whatever Android device you can find (they’ll all fall apart within seconds of running a Flash game anyway). Or, you could likely find a 10-year-old phone on Craigslist within the next 30 seconds, that works, as well.

Because Adobe abandoned anything resembling cohesive development of the Flash Android app around that time, so the last OS version capable of running it reliably is 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich (4.1 support is technically official, but was completely broken on most devices from day one). Need we emphasise how that “reliably” means “it will probably start, you’re on your own afterwards?” Come to think of it, that’s pretty much how immobile Flash always was.

The only way to play Flash games on your phone

There is even a third way to simultaneously introduce the cosmic horrors of running Flash on a modern phone. For that, go back to the Google Play Store, and pick up any Android browser with Flash support. So… get Puffin and do not, at any cost, gamble with anything else. One terrible mistake at a time, please. The mildly entertaining revelation this will prompt is that modern Android actually isn’t that bad at handling Flash. It still stutters, but way less than it ever did outside of desktops. And all it took was one single run of insane tech breakthroughs spanning barely 15 years and maybe a few billions of dollars in R&D investments for us to get to this point. We can finally throw shoes at George W. Bush on the go, which is what a surprisingly large number of Flash games are about.

Want Flash on the iPhone? No. The answer is you don’t. 

Want to go through the process of jailbreaking a $1,200 device just so that you can crash Safari by trying to launch some suspect F1 racing game with dating sim elements? If there’s one thing that would actually make Steve Jobs turn in his grave, sideloading a disaster class of an iOS port slapped together by Adobe 13 years ago as an iPhone testbed probably… still… wouldn’t be it because we’re yet to see any code so bad as to reanimate the dead.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to uninstall Flash from your phone once you’re done experimenting. No Garfield golfing game is worth having your social security number stolen by a 15-year-old kid who just learned about Flash existing in IT class.




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