Wreck it Ralph. Movie reviewed by Nicole Hollinger (@PinkBlanketBlog )

Amazing, incredible, hilarious, emotive, creative, visually stunning, innovative, nostalgic, phenomenal and ahead of it’s time. These are just some of the words I would use when asked to describe Disney Pixar’s newest release: Wreck-It Ralph. Last night I had the joy of a family outing to the cinema to with the sole purpose of watching this jaw-droppingly brilliant film and I advice you to go and see it as soon as humanly possible.

The storyline sees (without giving too much away) a video game villain, Wreck-It Ralph, who is sick of always being the bad guy and constantly living in the hero’s shadow. Ralph sets out on a journey travelling through the video games in the arcade to find one where he can triumph over evil and win a hero’s medal. On his travels, Ralph (who is voiced by the brilliant and very appropriate John C. Reilly, who bares a similar resemblance to the cartoon) meets a variety of other video game characters including those voiced by the talented Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman. Overcoming obstacles and enemies, this film will have you at the edge of your seats!

You may think, as I am a Disney obsessed freak, that I am being bias and my word isn’t creditable. Well, I took Disney’s toughest critics, my mum and dad, to see the film and the whole way through they were chuckling and ooh-ing and ahh-ing … they loved it! People of all ages can relate to this movie and I dare you to find me one person who isn’t impressed! The film would crack even the toughest of nuts. It’ll make your sides split with laugher and even bring a tear to your eye! Now what are you waiting for, grab the popcorn and enjoy!

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