One ‘carrot’ diamond: Woman’s long-lost engagement ring found wrapped around carrot

Engagement ring carrot

Engagement ring carrot

The story of 84 year-old Mary Grams who found the diamond engagement ring that she lost in 2004… wrapped around a rather gnarly carrot.

The ring was lost, Grams thinks, when she was dealing with a “giant weed” in the garden of her farm in Alberta, Canada. It turned up again 13 years later when Gram’s daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, found it around a carrot she pulled out of the garden.

Perhaps the best thing about the discovery – other than it still fits Grams and she fully intends to start wearing it again – is that she never did tell her husband, Norman, who passed away five years ago, that she’d lost it. Instead she replaced it with her own dollars  – and he was never the wiser.


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