Top 5 Wedding Jewelry In 2020

The first jewelry that comes to mind when thinking of a wedding is a ring. It symbolizes the commitment and love between the couple, a gesture that is culminated by the exchange of vows. This paper looks at the five best wedding jewelry to consider in 2020.

Flower motifs have always been an integral part of jewelry design for centuries. It takes a special level of ingenuity and artistry to come up with a piece that is convenient but also maintains the elegant reference to flower motifs. These flower trends mean that the artist develops unconventional methods and rely on experimentation to create elements reminiscent of the natural world. The unpredictability of flower motifs makes it perfect for a wedding setting due to the jeweler’s ability to blend perfectly with conventional wedding attire. Especially for outdoor events, consider floral jewelry for an elegant wedding look.

wedding jewelery

  • Stack it up

Wedding jewelry tends to be minimalistic so as not to draw attention from the wedding gown or suits. However, there is a new trend that can allow you to get the best of multiple jewelries without making them look out of place. Stackable jewelry is a trend that has paved the way for people to experiment with various jewelry at their disposal. It offers the right balance between minimalist and maximalist perspectives where one piece can be paired with others to create a unique look. However, it still requires a certain level of understanding on which pieces go well together and how many jewelries are enough. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that will guide you on how to artistically stack up jewelry.

  • Custom jewelry.

With custom jewelry, there are numerous things to put into consideration such as the design, message, and ultimately the budget. Custom pieces tend to be more expensive depending on the requirements of the customer therefore, you should do a lot of prior planning such as;

  • Sketching the design.

Have an idea of what the jewelry should look like and what it represents.

  • Find the right designer.

Since you are likely to pay a hefty price, you should be confident that the designer is up to the task to deliver a stunning piece.

Look for extra input from your partner or bounce off ideas with the designer.

  • Maintain your budget.

One can get carried away with the design which can result in many specifications. To stay within your budget, ask for the necessary specifications, and don’t be afraid to opt for a cheaper specification.

  • Perfect pairing.

A wedding is a special event for a couple and matching jewelry can make it more memorable. You can utilize sites like Pinterest to look up some elegant, his, and her jewelry ideas.

  • Timeless Twists

The choice for wedding accessories ultimately lies with the bride and groom. Depending on their interests, they can opt for simpler and classic pieces. Traditional pieces can turn out fantastic once finished with a modern spin and the timeless aspect means that they can be passed on from generation to generation.

There are no specific instructions on what wedding jewelry should entail. Many factors such as cultures contribute to the type of jewelry people opt for. However, there is a unifying similarity in that no wedding is complete without jewelry. Therefore, take your wedding as an opportunity to try out different styles of jewelry that you may be interested in.

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