How To Tell If You Have Psychic Abilities

There are people who are blessed to have extrasensory perception, allowing them to see, feel, or hear information which is otherwise hidden to the normal human senses. These individuals are often referred to as psychics and in this modern day and age, psychics are geared towards helping other people. If you are wondering whether you may have psychic abilities, below are some of the signs that can either confirm or negate your suspicion.

Strong gut feeling

Gut feeling, or intuition is an experience that is unique to humans. It can keep you safe or serve as warning about certain people or energies that you need to stay away from. While intuition is innate in most people, having strong gut feelings which more often than not come true, is also one of the most common indications that you may have psychic abilities. You can learn how to enhance your psychic abilities by first trusting your intuition rather than ignoring it. Thus, start acknowledging your gut reactions, particularly when it comes to people, places, or situations.

Vivid dreams and visions

Another sign that you may possess psychic abilities is if you often encounter vivid dreams or visions. Your visions may appear to be very strong, scary, intense or just a mere flash in your mind, but like your intuition, your visions also come true in real life. Your visions can happen either when you are alone or in the middle of the crowd. It can even occur as you are visiting a historic place or a location that is unfamiliar to you. You may disregard this as a mere deja vu, but in reality, you are a psychic, with abilities that are yet to be discovered.

In the same manner, your vivid dreams are also an indication of your special abilities. They can either be frequent or infrequent, but note that they are extremely realistic, leaving you with a distinct impression. Your dreams may even include visitations from spirits who leave you with a particular message.

In line with visitations from the spirits in your dreams, you may also encounter ghost visitations. The reason behind this is that ghosts and spiritual energies are more attracted to the energy of a person with a psychic ability. You may encounter a full apparition of simply feeling unnatural when a spirit is near. Thereby, next time, pay more attention to what you are seeing, hearing, and touching even in your visions and dreams, as well as in your reality.

Feeling strong emotions

Have you ever felt like crying intensely because of extremely feeling sad but you are really not sure where this feeling comes from? After a while you receive a call from your mom on the other side of the globe, crying and telling you that her sister, or your aunt, passed away. If you have encountered this scenario not once, but too many times, then it is another indication that you have psychic abilities.

If you are able to feel what others feel so strongly that your energy is drained afterwards, then this is an indication that you may be an empath. While you can use this in a beneficial manner, to help others with compassion, you may also opt for self isolation too. The reason behind this is that as an empath, being too close or intimate with someone, or being out in the middle of the crowd can consume you. The best way to go about this is to learn more about your feelings and how the feelings of others affect you and vice versa to be able to handle this well.

Seeing lights and colors around living beings

Psychics often see a certain ray of light or a particular hue surrounding another living being. If you do see this manifestation, then there is a great chance that you have special abilities too. More often than not, flashes of lights and pops of colors is a sign that there is another spirit that is near that being and you are able to detect them. It can be that they are trying to communicate with you.

To wrap things up, you may have psychic abilities if you have strong gut feelings that often come true or vivid dreams and visions that sooner or later become a reality. Otherwise, you may be feeling extremely strong emotions or seeing lights and colors around living beings. If you feel like you possess all these, then there is a great chance that you have psychic abilities, which you can channel in and enhance for the greater good.

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  1. I don’t know if I’m a psychic or not, but I had a gut feeling that one of my family member was gonna have cancer and the next month it actually happen- I rlly don’t. Know how to explain this

  2. I don’t really no if I am psychic but I had a bad feeling and woke up crying one night about something was going to happen to my xBoyfriend it was the Worse feeling ..and I am an Empath

  3. i can sense if something’s gonna go wrong.i mean it isnt that strong,its just one mere thought or flash that warns me to ot do a particular thing,and if i still do it,somethig bad happens.and,i can also read minds sometimes.idk its weird.i cannot read everybody’s mind,just the people im close to.

  4. When I look at peoples expression I can sense what they have in mind or what they are up to, most of the time but not all the time though. Sometimes I feel like crying for no reason, sometimes after I experience sth in the dream exactly same or similar thing would happen in real life as though a continuation. I usually have a gut feeling about someone, something or a place

  5. I am a practicing psychic medium, I absolutely love to do psychic work!!! My goal is to help people here, and help those on the other side to move on, its a very satisfying feeling when you can answer questions that folks would otherwise not have an answer to, don’t be afraid of your gifts, we are ALL born this way, embrace it, and let God surround you with the white light and the holy spirit!!!

  6. i dont know if its just me or does any one ever just be sat down doing nothing or in the middle of class and then out of nowhere the entire room flashes the whitest white for 0.01 seconds and your sat confused thinking the light flickered. after reading this about a closeby spirit trying to contact you and the flashing being a sign; imma think twice next time this happens.

  7. I remember when i was 8 or 6 I dream that Washington D.C will have a riot because of Donald Trump told them then 7 years later 14 year old me watch TV and D.C is rioting and i also saw the news i got this repress memory coming back to me (my dream i dreamt when i was 8 or 6)

  8. Just read this. I dreamt my uncle died and my deseased grandad was calling him to come with him holding out hands to each other . I woke up feeling odd. My uncle wasn’t unwell or anything. He then died later that day so randomly he felt unwell and his last words was him telling my grandad he was coming he was calling him putting out his hand just like my dream. The amazing thing was the date he died was the date my grandad died years before. It was so emotional but I felt that everything was going to be ok and they were together. And I’ve got these gut feelings that things were going to happen and no matter how you try control the situstion. They’ve happened. I can’t explain it I just can’t put it in words but I see/get feeling things are happening and then they do…

  9. I can sense stuff,I go somewhere I’ve never been and I feel like I’ve been there before, I sit in silence and close my eyes and hold my necklace I see visions of stuff they tell me stuff.

  10. I am 40 and to be honest I am not sure what I am. I always(even as a very young child) have seemed to know what advice to give. I have seen visions of three family members after death. I can usually sense where something is when lost if I close my eyes and concentrate. This is just a few things I can think of because it has never occurred to me that I was special at all.

  11. A few days before Harris an pence election debate,I had left a comment on youtube saying Harris will have pence like THE FLY help me help me, then in debate fly lands on pence head,what’s that all about then🤔🤔🤔

  12. Since i was 11, i could communicate with my deceased dog & feel her presence. Now i am 20 and I just realized i have ¨the gift¨

  13. hi im 14 now iv taped into my phsicic connection but things are falling down around me plates boxes cups you name it should i be worried

    • Im 14 too. And Im trying to find out whats wrong with me bc Like I will think something lik a word for example “Shut up” for no exact reason. and bingo I see things all around me “Shut up” is someones user name for the game I am playing, Shut up is what my sister just said and like crazy things happen. Im scared cos it is NOT just random. And when I was younger I had dreams of this like tunnel. I was like in a game. And There were these obsticals, like spikes, knives and stuff flying toward me and I was just running through this black tunnel. And then there was the end of the tunnel, and I had to squeeze tight through this white place and seriously it was the most AWFUL feeling EVER!!!!! I got them OVER and Over again. :l

  14. Try someone blowing your eardrums out to a hearing gain. I know I had the gift of psychic abilities at a young age but don’t tell me im crazy and i know for sure someone blew my eardrums out. I can hear my mother who passed away and others and people I know who are living and breathing.

  15. i had a dream were my grandfather died, and less than 5 years later one of them did. i also seem to live in haunted houses, and my great grandmother has visins of dead relitive and being next to someone when they die. I also seem to have a conetion to teachers that have an impact on my life.

  16. I don’t k ow if I’m phsycic but I have spiritual battles and the evil contacts me I also sometimes have a feeling an angel is near but im always unsure.I also have thing that iffy me I can’t explain it but let’s just say I’m thinking is God real then this music will start playing singing God is real.

    • I know I have already commented but I sometime fell like something gets unloose in my head like let’s say I put a ponytail or maybe some curls I will feel like something unloose I will check but there’s nothing I don’t know what it is

  17. For me weird things starts to happen when i cry it starts to rain when I’m angry lights go of and if there is fire it starts to grow bigger

  18. Is it normal to feel a presence is there but when you look there’s nobody there? Is it normal to see shadows? Is it normal to have conversations with someone in your head? Can somebody answer my questions? i want to know if this is normal. It happens to me daily…

  19. Recently I have been feel a presence around me and I can’t see it but I can picture it in my head…I have been getting bad feelings about things happening recently and I also have this feeling that I have some wierd supernatural power but when I try use it I just end up looking like an idiot… but Ik that there’s so much more I can do I just need someone to show me how to do it

  20. My heritage is Romanian, my grandpa was a hypnotist. I am a Christian and struggling with knowing I have special powers. I have thought things or said them and it happened. My kids have the same experiences. I am very serious about my faith and have met angels. I do not communicate with angels in prayer but ask God to dispatch angels on my behalf. I do not communicate with the dead because that is sin. I have some very interesting stories of miracles and trusting God for miracles in my current situation. I am named after one of the worlds greatest leaders and I am always achieving more than any one expected me to. My eyes are hazel and very different. Blessings on blessings to you and your families

  21. I can see visions a lot I don’t know why sometimes my sleeping I can see the future I don’t know why this happens to me and think I’m lucky

  22. I think a great number of people like to believe they have the gift because the want to feel different and special .I believe very few have a natural ability . I think you can have a strong universal connection and be intouch with energy and emotions , and yes I believe in premonitions , and being able to read people’s emotions and tapping into that energy .You can’t predict someone’s future we are not meant too . There has to be balance .

  23. I have two psychic abilities
    1. It happens like I am reading something or thinking about something in serious mood and then I say that this will not happen or it’s irrelevant or I have never experienced that, then that thing will happen in future.
    2. I am having visions or flashes of my past lives continuesly for 3 months every day or sometimes one vision per week like my first vision was when I was in 5th standard, I was on an island with a woman and It was an open candle light dinner, I was starting to eat and then the next thing I knew I was dead. There was another vision of me playing with a small girl in snow, it was a very small vision. And many more visions or flashes.

  24. My friend can tell the future with their dreams, and now I think I can as well. I’m a girl, and I’ve been having dreams about a little girl named Claire with the older version of myself. A while after two of those dreams, my best friend Rachel told me the name Claire also sounds similar to the word Clairvoyant. Which means the ability to tell the future. Now I’m really freaked out.

  25. I think that’s pyrokinesis. It’s the ability to control fire and heat. Try a small exercice to enhance and control it. i.e.: take a candle and turn it on then close your eyes and visualise the candle and the flame like growing bigger or blowing out. After a few tries you’ll find out that the flame is actually doing what you are visualising but don’t get discouraged of it doesn’t work on the first try just stay calm and take rest when you can’t focus anymore. The key is practice, focus and belief – without overdoing of course.

  26. Iv predicted things happening around me through visions a few times and regularly in contact with my son telepathically. The thing that effected me the most was stub king upon a murder victim on a walk one day and knowing instantly the full name of the killer. Which I later found put was true when she was convicted. The body was hidden in a bin but I knew somehow what was inside

  27. I have had dreams about “say keys” and next morning one of first things mentioned are keys – and recently I opened a newspaper and a horse “dream of dreams” just drew my attention and turned to my husband and said I’m always dreaming about things people warning me of things and advice via my subconscious “anyway to cut a long story short” we backed dream of dreams and he romped home – weird or what

  28. Can anyone help me? I am starting to see things and have dreams where I am not even myself but someone else like a past life? Sometimes they can be pleasant other times not. I also sometimes will be doing something like typing on the computer or in a meeting and feel so disconnected from myself like I almost feel like I’m playing a video game of myself. Like I’m not connected to my body. This is starting to get to the point where I feel like I am going to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital….

  29. I feel some presence around my house and my nanny’s beloved toy that she owned. I have dreams that come true and sometimes it happens without me knowing it. It mostly runs on my mother’s side of the family. Also sometimes I can feel what other people feel without me asking how they feel.

  30. yall i need help. im 13 and i never knew what ability i had but i knew i saw stuff that other people couldn’t see and once i read this i really think im psychic. i need help cause idk. ever since i was little i have seen energy everywhere. some years i could see it so good on humans, and right now i more see it on like plants and animals. when i was little i would have what my mom said to call it as deja vu over once a day (i dont get it as much anymore). but it was defenitly events i had already seen take play. also someone help me cause i dont know how to get that back because my visions like that have been kinda fading. but then ive also always known i can see or feel the presents of ghosts and spirits.

  31. I’m not sure if I have abilities. I get feeling of something bad is going to happen but I don’t know who or when after the feeling goes away I get told of a bad accident or someone died close to someone I know. Several years ago I was having a bad time just cried and begged for my mom that passed 20 years before. Next day family I had been taken from at that time called me out of the blue. One night I kept hearing sound of someone crumpling plastic bag I just ignored it went back to sleep just as I started to drift off a female voice yelled my name. This is only some of it. Way to much to write.

  32. Sounds amazing! Don’t deny it or be afraid. You have a gift, channel that energy with some positivity and good luck on your journey!

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