Under the night sky.. Kinbane Castle by @54DN


By Ian Gazzard (@54DN)

The Antrim coast would be my pick as the hidden gem of this coastline steeped in history and set in a dramatic landscape of overhanging basalt cliffs and castle that is situated on this limestone outcrop. Kinbane and the night sky has been in my head for a while now.

I was waiting for a clear April night so at 1.30am from the comfort of my campervan I get layered up like I am almost bound for an Arctic expedition. I didn’t waste too much time pointing the head torch at my gear for a final check and then start the descent of the 180 or so steep steps that hugs this basalt hillside until however I am met by a previous landslide on the steps ,the words “closed to public” and the barrier thats in place made for quite an interesting diversion along the cliff edge negotiated with a few exhaled choice words in its general direction I can tell you.

Once I got to the bottom however I could see the Milky way as predicted 10 hrs earlier. The full force of the East Atlantic wind became a seriously worrying factor as I looked for a position of shelter close to the ground behind this hill to the right of shot.The wind was pretty torrid but my test shots looked good confirming the Miky way and light sources for the scene from Rathlin lighthouses, a rising moon to the southeast and light pollution from Ballycastle and other towns of the north seen here as the orange hue..

Plenty of stars constellations from left with the bight star of Pollox making up one of the the heads of Gemini to next left Capela the brightest star here making up the Auriga constellation Left middle is Pereus below Campelopardis to Cassiopeia Cepheus middle and starting right Cygnus, Vega of Lyra and Hercules all included in this panoramic night sky.

This print will be available from 60cm x 30cm in a matted mount ready to frame to 150cm x 70cm block mounted print on wood to provide an impressive focal point in any home interior.


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