Top Tips for Camping in Ireland

Ireland is an island divided into two countries. The question is: are you going to visit (Republic of) Ireland or you are going to Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom? It doesn’t change anything much for you except that you need to know for which place you are booking your ticket. Here are some great tips that will be of use to you no matter where on the island you find yourself.

Equipment for Your Ireland Road Trip

With the right equipment, a camping holiday in Ireland will be an unforgettable experience. But what do you take with you? For quality camping gear click here and learn more about the tools that might aid you on your trip. Whether you are travelling with a suitcase or a backpack, you should definitely plan your space for a few practical camping gadgets that suit your personal way of travelling, such as:

  • outdoor shower
  • camping clothesline
  • Travel towel 
  • Travel safe
  • headlamp
  • solar lamps
  • pocket knife


Important Documents for the Camping Trip

In Ireland and Northern Ireland, an identity card and a national driver’s license are sufficient to identify yourself. Anyone travelling with their own motorhome must also carry a valid vehicle registration document with them. It’s not necessary but it is recommended to take the Green Insurance Card with you.

An absolute must for campers who have rented a motorhome is a credit card with a PIN. Otherwise, you will not be given the vehicle at the rental car station. A credit card is also extremely useful when refuelling in Ireland if you don’t always want to pay in cash. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are generally accepted in Ireland.

Refuelling, electricity and sanitation

In Ireland, the main voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. So you need a suitable adapter for Irish sockets (or alternatively a blue CEE plug). Many campsites in Ireland are equipped with at least freshwater and electricity. There is usually a central station for wastewater disposal in campsites.

Functional outdoor clothing

Your outfit should be based on functionality rather than style during your camping holiday. Since you will have some camping equipment with you, it is better to have light, quick-drying clothing. The weather in Ireland can often be very changeable and the saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothing” is the order of the day. In addition to the basic outfits, things like a beanie and a robust jacket should not be missing in your luggage. This protects you from wind and moisture and is a good combination if you desire to visit an Irish Pub.

Campsites vs. Wild camping

Wild camping is officially prohibited in Ireland, especially in places marked “TEMPORARY DWELLING PROHIBITED”. Camping on private property is allowed, with the consent of the owners, so maybe just ask in a friendly way and try your luck.

Stay spontaneous & flexible

You have your route roughly in mind, but you should definitely plan that you want to stay longer in some places. Enjoy the freedom that mobility offers you during your camping holiday and discover the green island at your own pace.

A camping holiday close to nature offers a break from everyday stress for some, while it can be the basis for an adventure holiday for others. One thing is certain: Ireland is ideal for a camping holiday because with this type of travel you can experience the most beautiful spots of the green island up close and discover your very own Ireland.


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