How To Start Running Today: A Guide To Running For Beginners


Running can bring you many health benefits. It helps you improve your fitness, it builds your stamina and strength, and it also takes care of your mental health and lets you unwind and forget about all the problems for the time being. However, even though it looks easy to just start running, there are some things to consider and take care of before you even consider taking up this sport and being successful at it. So, if you are a beginner to running as a sport, here is a small guide for you. 

Choose the Right Surface

Many beginners wonder how to choose the surface for running and which one is the best. This will depend on what kind of workout you plan on getting from running and a mix of different surfaces is usually the right choice. If you practice fast running, then the best surface is the pavement (because there is a very low risk of turning your ankle). However, you have to be a light runner in order to run on the pavement because the impact of feed against concrete puts a lot of stress on your joints. An excellent surface with cushioning is a forest or park floor, but you could easily injure yourself on roots, rocks and bumps. If you want to get a really nice and intense workout for your muscles, then you should choose a sandy surface. And if you choose tartan you should be aware that it’s springy and it can put a lot of stress on your Achilles’ tendons. 

Invest in Equipment

Just like you have to carefully choose the running surface, you have to choose the quality running gear. Often, if you pair a running surface with appropriate running shoes, you will minimize the risks of any injuries and your training will be enjoyable. So, when looking for clothes, look for breezy materials that can evaporate the sweat and let you stay dry and comfortable, but make sure the clothes don’t restrict your movement. You running shoes have to have appropriate cushioning and support for your feet, and you can do a bit more research at Runner Click website. The same goes for your socks, and they should be tight enough to provide support but not too tight so they won’t strain your feet. 

Start with Short Intervals

You are probably super excited to start running and get a good workout, but you shouldn’t overstrain yourself. If you are a beginner, the best advice is to start slow and break it down into shorter intervals at the beginning. There is no shame in starting slow and working your way up, and you can even walk between the intervals and get a nice cool-down. After some time, you can expand those intervals and reduce the walking, but do it slowly so you wouldn’t hurt your muscles and cause more damage than benefit. 

Your Body Needs to Recover

Yes, you are excited about running and your first training went well. That is actually pretty great, but don’t get too hyped and forget about getting proper rest. It is best to wait for a day before you engage in your next workout. This is all new to your body and it needs enough time to rest so it would recover properly from the first running session. It will take time to adapt and in that time it will learn how to properly move, how to recover faster and you will avoid any injuries, pulled muscles or too much soreness in your muscles. So, for the beginning, it’s best you schedule your running sessions with one day to rest in between and you will feel great and your body will be more ready for the next training. 

Running is great and it brings so many different health benefits. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it since your body has its limits. Start slow and work your way up, and you will only get the benefits without any aches or serious injuries.

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