The National Lottery’s 20th Birthday Northern Ireland Statistics

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• 81 millionaires have been created in Northern Ireland by the National Lottery since the very first draw on Saturday November 19 1994.

• More than £1 billion has been invested in people, places and projects in Northern Ireland since 1994.

• In the past 20 years, 647 ‘high tier’ winners from Northern Ireland have scooped life-changing prizes of £50,000 or more.

• Since November 1994, more than 20,000 grants have been awarded to Northern Ireland individuals, organisations and projects across arts, education, environment, health, heritage, sport and the voluntary sector

• Northern Ireland is getting luckier! Since 2011, 34 millionaires have been created here which equates, on average, to ONE EVERY 41 DAYS!

• Since March 2013, a prize of more than £50k has been won in Northern Ireland EVERY SIX DAYS on average – with 98 ‘high tier’ winners in just 20 months!

• The first ever National Lottery grant awarded in Northern Ireland was in April 1995 – £42,000 to upgrade the courts and floodlighting at Enniskillen Lawn Tennis

• Northern Ireland’s first public winner was William Hanna from Coleraine who won £265,637 on December 3 1994 when he matched five numbers and the bonus ball in the third ever National Lottery draw.

• The largest ever National Lottery grant awarded in Northern Ireland was for £45 million to build the Odyssey Complex in Belfast in June 1997.

• The smallest grant ever awarded in Northern Ireland was just £60 in 2008 to help a writer with the publication of a book

• Northern Ireland’s biggest public Lotto winner was Irish Jeffrey from Belfast who pocketed a staggering £20,100,472 jackpot on July 7 2004.

• World No 1 golfer Rory McIlroy was a National Lottery beneficiary back in 1995, when the Golfing Union of Ireland received £9,000 to help develop his talent. Other notable local sports stars who have received National Lottery support during their careers include world super bantamweight champion Carl Frampton and Team GB Winter paralympic gold medallist Kelly Gallagher.

• Northern Ireland’s most recent public winner was 16 year old Callum Fitzpatrick from Newry who celebrated his massive £390,643 win in October 2014 with a glass of orange juice.

Callum Fitzpatrick Lottery Win#4

20 Years of Draws and Numbers

• The first National Lottery draw took place on Saturday 19 November, 1994. A staggering 22 million people watched as Noel Edmonds hosted the first draw which saw seven jackpot winners each scoop £839,254. The first millionaire was created in the second draw on the following Saturday.

• There are 4 Lotto draw machines – Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlin – and 8 live sets of Lotto balls – handily numbered 1 to 8.

• Each ball is made of close cellular foam and weighs a mere 11.5g. They are made by Smartplay who are based in New Jersey USA and each set cost £2,500.

• The most drawn Lotto ball, as a main and bonus ball, since 1994 is lucky 38. The little green ball has appeared a stunning 314 times.

• Amazingly and almost hard to believe is the least drawn Lotto main and bonus ball since 1994. After 20 years it is 13, which is now officially unlucky – after years of people thinking it was. It has only been drawn 229 times.

• The split between winning a big prize by picking your numbers or by choosing a Lucky Dip is around 50/50.

• Our millionaires report that 53% chose Lucky Dip and 15% chose random numbers while 6% used birthday dates, 5% a mix of dates and ages. Other ways to pick winning numbers have included car registrations, door numbers or telephone numbers.

• Once you have won you are considered to be ‘officially’ lucky. Winners reveal that 70% have been touched for luck, 66% been rubbed for luck – usually on the arm or shoulder!

• The National Lottery has made 100 millionaires in one night twice. On the opening night of the London 2012 Olympic Games (July 27, 2012), 100 millionaires were created with 97 claiming their prize. A year on, July 26, 2013, a further 100 were made with 91 claiming their prize

• More than 3,600 millionaires and multi-millionaires have been created by The National Lottery since November 1994.

• Currently 6 millionaires are made in an average week across all National Lottery

• More than 6 million winners are made each week and £53 billion in prize money has been paid to UK winner across all National Lottery games to date

• Around 70% of adults in the UK play The National Lottery on a regular basis, raising, on average, over £33 million each and every week for National Lottery Camelot Press Office

• The biggest ever lottery winners in the UK are Colin & Chris Weir who scooped a staggering £161.6m on 12 July, 2012 in the EuroMillions draw

• The largest individual Lotto winner is Iris Jeffrey from Belfast who won £20.1m

The largest Lotto jackpot ever paid out was £22.5m to Paul Maddison and Mark Gardiner from Hastings in June, 1995

• 99% of millionaires say they are as happy or happier than before their win. The key reasons for this are financial security, freedom of choice and having time to spend with their family

• Research conducted in 2009 revealed big lottery winners tend to shun champagne and turn to tea to celebrate their win. Tea (37%) and coffee (18%) accounted for over half of the first drinks after learning of a big win. However, 11% did reach for a bottle of the fizzy stuff and pop the cork to celebrate their new life and truly toast their win in style

• Players have 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize. In October 2014 James Wilson, 28, from Bradley Stoke in South Gloucestershire, claimed his £51,232.90 EuroMillions prize on the 180th day after clearing out an old wallet

Life After the Win

What’s life like for our big winners? We asked Ipsos MORI to find out. They carried out telephone interviews between, 8 April and 30 May 2014, with 101 lucky winners of at least one million pounds on the National Lottery.

• When you have won where do you hide your millionaire ticket? Our millionaires said that a fifth (20%) went for a bag, wallet or purse, 8% in their pocket, 6% popped it under their pillow, 5% in a drawer or cupboard, 4% in a safe and 4% on the mantelpiece – and 2% admitted keeping it safe and sound in their undewear.

• The favourite purchase among winners is their new home, which is top at 32%, next up is the car (27%) and the perfect holiday (8%)

• Seven in ten (69%) of our millionaires move house, but not always that far. Of those who get the removal man in, 65% stay in the same village or town or within five miles and a further 13% only move up to 10 miles away

• The average winner buys 4.5 cars, for themselves or for immediate family. One in ten have bought more than 10, with one winner admitting to more than 20

• You may think that life is one long holiday after banking a jackpot – and the research seems to prove that for most it is. Winners take on average 3.4 holidays a year, with 29% taking 5 or more. Impressively 4% admitted going for 8 or more holidays a year since their win – that is a holiday around every 6 weeks!

• A quarter of our winners (27%) seem to think that man’s best friend is the perfect companion for the millionaire lifestyle, buying a dog after their win. A further 6% buy a horse, three times as many as bought a cat (2%).

• While many millionaires want to return to normal after their win and see work as a key part of that, the novelty of getting up soon wears off. Of those that are working at the time of their win (75), half (52%) end up handing in their notice after winning, a further 7% set up their own business, 4% go part time and 1% take up voluntary work.

• The win seems to bring out the businessperson in many winners. A fifth start up their own business, 17% help someone else to set up in business and a further 10% invest into someone else’s business.

• It seems that sharing the giant cheque is an important part of the win. Nearly all, 95%, of winners give money away to family, 87% to charity and 70% to friends.

• Taking into account everything a winner has done with their money, including spending, saving and gifting, 82% of winners reveal that they are now as, or more, well off than the day they first received their winnings.

• More than £32 billion has been raised since The National Lottery began 20 years

• Around £33 million is raised every week for National Lottery projects – the equivalent to £3,274 every minute, or £55 each second of every day

• National Lottery funding has been awarded to more than 430,000 arts, education, environment, health, heritage, sport and voluntary projects across Britain and Northern Ireland.

• On average, 138 Lottery grants have been awarded in every postcode district across Britain and Northern Ireland – distributed by 12 independent specialist organisations who award the money.

• The majority (70 per cent) of National Lottery grants are for £10,000 or less helping small projects make a big difference in the community

• 18 Lottery funded films have gone on to win a total of 31 BAFTAs including Billy Elliott, The Last King of Scotland, The King’s Speech and The Iron Lady.

• Since 2000, there have been 14 Oscar wins for Lottery-funded films like The King’s Speech, The Iron Lady and Gosford Park

• National Lottery funding has enabled hundreds of Second World War veterans, widows, spouses and carers across Ireland to revisit sites around the world where they or loved ones served during the war

• At the London 2012 Olympics 9 out of 10 GB and NI medallists were Lottery

• The National Lottery returns a higher proportion of Lottery revenue back to

society than any other Lottery operator in the world

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