INFUSE, Northern Ireland’s first Tea Bar, have added a new twist to their Spring tea menu: Tea Mocktails!

Let’s talk about mocktails. INFUSE, Northern Ireland’s first Tea Bar, have added a new twist to their Spring tea menu: Tea Mocktails!

Áine, the co-owner of INFUSE said, “we’ve been excited to release the tea mocktails from before we even launched the Tea Bar last year. Tea is such a versatile ingredient and the mocktails add something very special and unique to our menu.”

There are three different mocktails available, each with very different flavour profiles. They are Matcha Mojito, a powdered green tea shaken with mint, lime juice and Fentman’s Rose Lemonade; Goblin Daquiri, the very berry Goblin Market from Miss McKeown’s shaken with fruit puree and Fentiman’s Wild English Elderflower; and finally, Ice & Fire made from a blend of our very own Smoke & Fire tea, a smoky and chill blend that’s shaken up over lime and Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola. The tea mocktails are a great way to try something new.

Up for trying these fabulous tea concoctions?

You’ll find INFUSE Tea Bar based in Coleraine, down New Row, and well worth a trip to the North Coast. With over forty teas on offer and a menu based around waffles, there’s something for everyone, but don’t worry their menu isn’t restricted to just tea, as coffee and hot chocolate are available too; including tea infused hot chocolates, which prove a massive hit during cold days.

The guys at INFUSE are hugely passionate about getting the brew of each individual tea perfect. All their water is heated in cast iron pots on induction hobs, this ensures that fresh filtered water is used for each brew and enables them to keep tighter control over the temperature of the water; which is specific for different types of tea. You’ll not find anything else like it in the whole of Ireland, and if you love tea, then this is the place for you.

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