Abigail’s Party : THE MAC 14 Apr – 5 May 2018

Abigail's party

Abigail's party

We cordially invite you to the party of the year. (The year is 1975).

Abigail’s Party is one of the most iconic stage plays of the 20th century, thanks partly to its legendary 1977 ‘Play for Today’ production on BBC1. From a time when the height of urban sophistication was cheese and pineapple on a stick, served nonchalantly on a Lazy Susan comes a tragi-comedy about social climbing, prejudice and fear of not doing ‘the done thing’.

The writer and director Mike Leigh called his play “both a celebration and a lamentation of how we are”, because this isn’t just a play about 1970s Britain, it’s a peek into the frustrations and struggles endured by everyone who has ever floundered and grasped their way through life, attempting to ensure everything about them and around them is ‘the done thing’.

REVIEW – I Really enjoyed my trip back to the 70’s.
Mike Leighs iconic play ‘Abigail’s Party’s really captured the atmosphere of the era.
Roisin Gallagher was brilliant as Beverly as was all the cast.
The soundtrack before & during the performance added to the scene & transported us back in time.

The MAC is proud to be producing Mike Leigh’s play and would like to invite you to join us for the party. BOOK NOW

Post-show Talk

There will be a post-show talk on Thursday 26 April. Free for all ticket holders.

Abigail’s Party Inspired Pre-Theatre Dining

NATIVE by Yellow Door have created a special 1970s inspired pre-theatre menu to coincide with Abigail’s Party – check out the menu here. To book, simply email native@themaclive.com

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