School Trip Destinations That Every European Needs to Visit

Organizing a trip might be a bit of a daunting experience as you’d have to think about finding proper accommodation, cheap airfares, and so on. Perhaps the most difficult decision of all is picking out your travel destination, which can often be disappointing for students who’re traveling with you if you don’t pick the right location. Luckily, Europe offers a wealth of destinations for Europeans and others which can provide a great opportunity for a memorable European trip. If you want to know the most popular places to visit in Europe, continue on reading.


The mesmerizing natural beauty of Iceland is incomparable. From snow-covered volcanoes to glaciers and icefields, a trip to the white terrains of Iceland will make for an excellent destination. Iceland’s unique geographical layout will be interesting for people who are there to study the geography of their locales. The eco-friendly nature of the country will also be satisfactory for anyone who is interested in sustainability and eco-preservation. Of course, you’ll get to enjoy watching the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and go on extensive road trips in the heart of Iceland’s natural beauty.


At first glance, you might think that traveling to Berlin is like going to any modern city in Europe, but what many people often neglect is exploring the rich history of Berlin. The people at Adaptable Travel explain that one of the main places that are a popular student locations to visit is the Berlin Wall Memorial. There is also the Holocaust memorial and the numerous museums dotting the city. They feature Germany’s history throughout the ages and especially in WWII. This can prove useful for your students’ studies. Also, make sure that you enjoy the culinary foods at popular restaurants, which will serve exotic cuisines that are quickly rising in popularity across Europe. Despite what the pictures might tell you, Berlin has its fair share of green spots, parks, and waterways, which can make a great picnic trip.


Florence is a city to behold and has probably ranked among your top ten dream destinations. The culture of Florence is the subject of interest to nearly all its visitors since the city is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Florence is the ideal destination for student trips and anyone interested in seeing important works of art with their own eyes. A variety of galleries, museums, and chapels can satisfy anyone’s need to view the fine arts of Florence. In addition to this, you’ll get to see the pleasant greenery, in which hundreds of roses grow that will make a stunning sight. Because Italy is known for its delicious dishes, the food in Florence will be of high quality. The city is close to the Tuscan countryside, so you’ll eat fresh, organic food. 

School Trip Destinations


In Amsterdam, you will find museums scattered around the city for all art enthusiasts. If you take a trip down the museum district, you’ll be able to visit the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum, where you can enjoy Amsterdam’s most popular works of art by its famed artists. Of course, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of Dutch dishes like Poffertjes, Stamppot, and Bitterballen. Make sure to take your students on cruises over the canals surrounding the city. Don’t forget to make a trip to Amsterdam’s stunning parks and gardens, which can be pleasing both for you and your students. The Hortus Botancius, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, has about 4,000 different plant species.


The capital of Czech has a lot in store for its visitors, with the largest castle complex coming first. If your students know of the Prague Castle, then they already know that it has been recognized as the largest castle complex in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. When you pay a visit to this castle, you’ll get to see gothic buildings, like St Vitus Cathedral. You’ll also have a chance to see Prague’s 600-year-old astronomical clock, which you’ll find in the Old Town square. During summer months, Prague hosts multiple festivals near Naplavka’s riverbank.

Traveling to Europe can brighten your students’ mood, especially after a long year of hard work. Make sure to pick out the right destinations and plan your schedule up ahead. Also, be sure that your students know about the locations they’ll be visiting and what places they’ll be going to within those cities beforehand. Finally, enjoy your visit to the most enchanting locations in the world!

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