7 Awesome Travel Destinations for Your Well-Deserved Vacation

With the global lockdown implemented as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic being reduced, more and more people are deciding to venture out and go on a vacation. Some countries have travel restrictions imposed, and others do not, so the first thing that it is important to mention is to make sure that you are able to fly abroad and that the country you are going to is allowing for international visitors. 

You should also check and ensure that the country you are intending on travelling to is not experiencing a rise in coronavirus cases. You may also be subject to quarantine measures when returning from abroad, as for example, the United Kingdom expects travellers to self-isolate at home for a period of fourteen days upon return from some countries.

Here are seven awesome travel destinations for your long overdue vacation.

1.  California

California is a state in the westernmost part of the United States. It is home to Los Angeles, and home to many, many awesome travel destinations. One very popular travel destination in California is Huntington Beach, it is located on California’s southern coastline and is very near to popular tourist hotspots. It is very close to Disneyland and a short drive from central Los Angeles. 

California is a state steeped in history and is one that has a diverse and beautiful landscape. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit California on vacation. If you want to visit somewhere that offers both scenery, beautiful weather, and history, then California is definitely the place for you. Consider visiting Hollywood, the home of cinema – discover the best places to eat in Hollywood or visit San Francisco, the birthplace of the 1960s counterculture hippie movement. California is a state that offers it all, and if you are looking to travel around the United States, should definitely be the first place that you visit.

2.  England

England is a country at the top of many peoples must-visit list. It is a country that, at one time, ruled every corner of the Earth, and as the old idiom goes, the sun never set on the British Empire. It is a country with a long history, being mentioned as far back as during the rule of Julius Caesar, with him describing the inhabitants of England as strange, magical Druids. There is much for you to see when you visit England, and no shortage of historical Neolithic sites, as well as country houses, and castles.

3.  France

France, a country equally steeped in history and mysticism. Those who inhabited ancient England, the Celtics, inhabited France, too. France is abundant with Neolithic period architecture. It is also the home of Paris, its capital city, a city that reshaped the way the world thought of fashion, art, and music. France is a country with an infinite number of places for you to visit and is one that should be at the top of your visitation list. The country is still, unfortunately, experiencing widespread lockdown, so it may not be possible to visit it for the time being.

4.  Hong Kong

Hong Kong, once a colony of the United Kingdom, but now under mainland Chinese control, is a republic located on the eastern Pearl River Delta within the South China Sea. It is rich with culture and history and is full of beautiful architecture and places to see. Hong Kong is somewhere that everybody should visit at least once.

7 Awesome Travel Destinations for Your Well-Deserved Vacation

5.  Japan

Japan is a wonderful destination to visit on your well-deserved and long overdue vacation. Japan is a country abundant with history that has a rich, unparalleled culture. Staying in Japan can be very cheap, providing you avoid tourist areas, and is a once in a lifetime experience. Japan is beautiful and is somewhere that should be visited by every single traveller at least once.

6.  Russia

Russia, a beautiful country with a vast and diverse landscape, ranging from snowy plateaus to luscious forests as far as the eye can see. St. Petersburg, formerly the capital, is an example of a city rich with beautiful architecture and history. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city that must be visited by everybody at least once in their lifetime. The Winter Palace is at the top of the must-see sights when you visit St. Petersburg.

7.  Brazil

Brazil, a country with white-sanded beaches as far as the eye can see, is a country that you absolutely must visit at least once. Brazil is known as a country that never sleeps because of its constant festivals and parties that go on well into the night every day of the year.

Now you know seven destinations that you absolutely must visit at least once in your lifetime, and seven destinations that you can consider visiting during your long overdue vacation.

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