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Liam Payne and Sophia Smith have reportedly split up after two years together. 

“Liam and Sophia have split,” a source told MailOnline. “Liam is incredibly sad, but is going to keep busy. He really hopes that everybody will respect both his and Sophia’s privacy and stop speculating.”

Liam and Sophia have always been the picture perfect couple. From their Disney World dates to red carpet appearances, Sophia and Liam was arguably the most solid 1D couple. Maybe there’s hope for a reunion once One Direction goes on their extended break in 2016.

“I love how music is always there for you when you need it most x,” Liam tweeted on Oct. 24

Liam and Sophia’s reported split was announced only five days after 1D had to cancel their Oct. 20 concert in Belfast because Liam’s sudden illness. Harry Styles wouldn’t say exactly what was ailing Liam, but he said “it wasn’t pretty.” Liam returned to the stage two days later because he’s the best.

Liam recently talked about marrying Sophia in an interview with Attitude magazine. “We have talked about marriage, but 22 seems a bit young for us,” he told the mag. “Sophia needs to go off and do what she wants to do. I don’t want her to be one of those stay-at-home girlfriends who doesn’t really do much.”