Ninjadry teams up with local businesses to deliver quality fresh, local food and produce through its online platform

The team at leading Belfast online dry cleaning and laundry business Ninjadry have been busy over the past few weeks, but they are not doing what they usually do. The business took the decision two weeks ago to repurpose its website and online platform to offer food deliveries across Belfast, Holywood, and Bangor. The decision was borne out of many requests from its existing dry cleaning and laundry customers, and a feeling that it could really help people struggling to get food shopping, especially from local suppliers.

Speaking about the new service, Ninjadry’s managing director Louise Houliston said:

“Our laundry and dry cleaning business is classified as an “essential service” and we could have stayed open, but we took the decision to temporarily close in order to protect our staff to give us time to research, buy and then train the team with the required PPE.”

“Customers then started to approach us saying they couldn’t get an online delivery for weeks from the big supermarkets, and going around their favourite local suppliers and queuing for ages wasn’t an option for some. We have honed our online retail and logistics skills over the past two years, so it felt right that we should utilise these skills to provide help to people in these strange times. Our aim was three-fold: (i) to provide support to people who were self-isolating/shielding, (ii) to provide work for our team at Ninjadry during this tough time, and (iii) to support our amazing local food producers who maybe don’t have the online presence and home delivery capability that we have built in Ninjadry.”

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In partnership with leading local fresh food outlets, Ninjadry is doing something that no other business is doing in Belfast by combining local, independent produce in one place. Loiuse continued: “Ninjadary was first to bring online laundry and dry cleaning to Northern Ireland. We are now doing it again with fresh food delivery. We have partnered with local independent suppliers like Corries Butchers, McElroy’s Greengrocers, Belfast Bakehouse, Mockford Milk, and Dundela Pharmacy, to offer a one-stop shop for local fresh food and essential items. You can buy the best meat, fruit & veg, bakery, dairy, household items and more. You only need to visit one website, place one order, and get one delivery, so it cuts down on all the hassle of multiple phone calls, multiple suppliers, multiple deliveries, and making several payments each time.”

Ninja Dry

The service is now live and delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the moment. “Our laundry business delivered across Belfast and North Down seven days a week. We are hoping to get to that stage too with our food delivery service, but we are new to this so we are taking it one step at a time. Our work behind the scenes is coordinating with our food partners, collating and assembling each order, and getting it delivered on time. As with our main business, we pride ourselves on frequent communication with our customers and very quick answers to all enquiries. Our automated texts and emails let customers know what’s happening, and they can log in to their Ninjadry account to check progress at any time. Our laundry customers loved this aspect of our service, and we are sure food customers will too.”

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