The global pandemic of COVID-19 has very quickly changed our working landscape.  With government advice on social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus many businesses are now working from home.

Moving your team into the remote working world has its challenges. How do you ensure you are being  productive  and   how do you keep your team connected?  Belfast based Corvus Recruitment has reflected on these challenges and has been providing key and regular tips via their blog.

Some suggestions include:

  1. Your workspace
    Focus on how to make yourself comfortable but motivated at home. Separate the work environment from your usual relaxation area. If you relax on the sofa, try to work at the dining table or study room, so you can switch off.
  2. Your work day
    Stick to your usual work routine. Setting a pattern will help maintain your motivation long term. This will also help maintain productivity of projects. Importantly know when to log off.  Although you may receive emails outside of work hours, it’s important to be able to switch of when working from home.
  1. Meetings
    Organise a team huddle to run through the plan for the day. There are many ways you can do this using conference call technology with your team remotely. Consider using Microsoft Teams for this purpose, you can remote call everyone from their desktops and/or mobiles and you can use it as a video or voice only call.
  2. Social Aspect
    Corvus suggest video call meetings at 09:15 & 16:00 to keep the team connected & engaged. On Fridays their team will have a virtual drink together. This routine and constant communication can help connect the team when working remotely. Other suggestions include online team-building, this could be playing a game online or hosting an online quiz in a video conference. You can be creative!
  3. Clear communications
    Communication can be easier when you’re in the office. You can walk to a person’s office or chat to your colleague who’d be a desk or two away from you. Conference and video calls are popular remote meeting options. Before you take the call it’s important to be prepared. Ensure you outline the important details needed, make the meeting work as productively and effectively as possible.

Ian Weatherup, Managing Director of Corvus Recruitment, said:

“During these very challenging times businesses are seeking the best way to support their teams to work remotely and to ensure they stay connected. When working from home it is important to maintain communication with your team, have a routine, if possible, create a separate workspace in your house and  know when to log off.  In this current climate of great uncertainty, the best we can all do is adapt to the situation, keep communications open and try to stay positive.”

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