– Writing to MLAs and litter-free picnics amongst the suggestions –

This Earth Day, April 22nd, Live Here Love Here is calling on individuals and communities to commit to making a small change to help the environment. Live Here Love Here is a Northern Ireland-wide, people-powered initiative that supports and promotes communities to build a sense of civic pride and improve the local environment.

Manager of Live Here Love Here, Helen Tomb, said: “This Earth Day, we are encouraging people to care for their local area and make better choices in the household. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Earth’ and this offers a chance for us all to remember that individual actions can help to repair and prevent environmental damage.

“At Live Here Love Here, we support communities across Northern Ireland to protect and improve their local area. These volunteer efforts are critical in the fight against climate change and environmental issues like overconsumption, littering and pollution but collectively we need to do more.

“Even small changes, such as not dropping litter and reducing consumption of throwaway items, can have a positive impact so it’s up to all of us to use Earth Day as motivation to make a change. For instance, you can demand urgent action on the climate crisis by writing to your MP and MLAs and asking them to support policies to create a cleaner, greener future.

“With Bank Holidays coming up and the weather improving, we’ll be heading off on picnics or visiting the beach – it’s so important to remember to take your rubbish home. Leaving it behind not only pollutes the area, it also puts biodiversity at risk. Better still, aim for a zero waste picnic, ditch single use plastic and take reusable cutlery and cups.

“With more time at home, many of us have had a clear out – from clothes to that set of weights you promised you’d use. Remember to do this responsibly, and not just bin unwanted items. There are lots of platforms out there such as Freecycle, Gumtree, Depop, and Vinted. Charity shops will soon be opening again and need your support more than ever. These are also great for picking-up pre-loved items to save money and from buying new products.

“Live Here Love Here runs an annual Small Grants Scheme in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and 10 of the 11 Local Councils. It is an incredible opportunity for local communities to apply for a grant between £500 and £3000 to create a cleaner, greener, and safer place to live.

“We are urging everyone to apply this year, we’re excited to see project suggestions that support environmental challenges such as biodiversity recovery, pollution solutions and climate action but also bring communities together such as clean-ups and tree-planting.”

The Small Grants Scheme is open for applications until 12:00pm on 10th May. Applications can be made at:

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