Why The Lion King Musical Is Still So Popular

The Lion King musical is set to return to the United Kingdom in 2022. Dates and venues for next year’s tour have already been announced for the cities of Cardiff, Bradford, Southampton, and Manchester. The show will be taking in Ireland too, although it is currently unknown whether it will arrive in Northern Ireland. Fingers crossed it does.

As everyone surely knows, The Lion King musical is based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name. The movie was a phenomenal success when it came out and it continues to be hailed as one of the classic Disney animations. Since the musical version’s debut on Broadway in 1997, it has also become loved just as much as the original film. With lyrics by Tim Rice and songs by Elton John, coupled with fantastic performances, costumes and puppets, The Lion King musical is going just as strong today as it has been for the last twenty-four years. Let’s take a closer look at why the theatrical production is still so popular.

The Visuals, Costumes, and Puppets Are Unparalleled

The Lion King has become well-known for its lavish combination of animal costumes and puppetry, but it is easy to not realise just how innovative and imaginative director Julie Taymor’s production was back in the 1990s. Many shows have imitated the costumes and puppets of The Lion King since; though it is worth noting that none of them has had lifespans that compare with The Lion King musical. Central to Taymor’s vision for the show was her production design, visual flair and African inspiration. Without the imaginative approach of Taymor, The Lion King would probably not have endured in popularity as much as it has over the years. If you have not yet seen the production, you will have to wait until 2022. But if you are a fan of lions and other African wildlife, you can play the wild life slot game online in the meantime.

The Lion King Is a Multi-award-winning Show

The fact that The Lion King won numerous awards shortly after it debuted on Broadway has certainly helped to make it a crowd-puller over the decades. But do not forget there were some excellent reasons why the musical was honoured so much. The production dominated the 1988 Tony Awards. It had eleven nominations and won in six categories, including Best Director of a Musical and Best Musical. Years later, the show still packs them in. In fact, The Lion King is the fourth longest-running show of all time, and it has even surpassed The Phantom of the Opera as the biggest-earning theatre show in box-office history.

The Music Takes The Lion King to Another Level

In addition to The Lion King’s jaw-dropping puppetry and costumes, beautifully crafted masks and make-up, and colourful sets, it is the music that helps to elevate the production to another level. As well as featuring Elton John songs from the original film, the show features the movie’s lush orchestra score that was created by Hans Zimmer and authentic African rhythms and choral voices courtesy of the very talented artists Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, and Lebo M. When the music is blended with the other spellbinding elements of The Lion King musical, you get a production that is true to the story’s geographic routes.

All Ages Love The Lion King

Just like the Disney movie, it is not only kids that love The Lion King. Adults also flock to the show, often unaccompanied by children. So, do not make the mistake of thinking the musical is a kid’s show. There is plenty of content that will go over the heads of children! Due to its appeal to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, The Lion King continues to be a roaring success.

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