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People who are trying to establish themselves on Instagram know the importance of engagement. Having a healthy engagement rate is needed to gain Instagram followers. Having good content is not enough to have a good rate of engagement on your account. In this article, we have listed 7 Instagram engagement hacks that will help to increase followers on Instagram. Using these techniques should help you get the engagement that will boost your growth on the platform.

1. Use Stories

Instagram stories are one of the best tools to increase engagement on Instagram. Stories provide you with a lot of variety in terms of posting content. Not only do stories allow you to post content but help you find a unique way to interact with your audience. Instagram has loaded stories with numerous features. Features such as the poll allow your followers to participate in a poll on something you need an opinion on. You can add music, create boomerangs and do much more using the stories. The stories are displayed separately at the beginning of the feed. Therefore, there is a higher chance of your post reaching the majority of your followers. Posting good content on stories will ensure that your followers stay hooked to your account.

2. Develop an accurate target audience

Developing a target audience is essential if you want to grow on Instagram. Instagram is one of the largest social platforms in the world. [e+people from all around the world use the app. Such a large user base provides you with a variety of audiences but not everyone will be interested in your content. People have different preferences concerning the content that they consume. You must find the audience that would be interested in viewing your content and interacting with your account. You should use the data that you get from Instagram to understand the demographics of your target audience. Using these demographics find out the content that this select audience interacts with. Post that type of content on your page as it will help gain Instagram followers and likes or you can even buy quality instagram likes

3. Post during ideal times

Focusing on the times when you post your content is important to succeed on Instagram. When you can find the ideal times to post content, you will see an increase in the engagement you have per post. You have to post your content when the majority of your audience is online on the platform. To extract the most out of your post you have to post at the time when your target audience is active. When your target audience is active mostly depends on their country of residence and their age. An adult who has to work during the day would be most active on Instagram in the evening or the night. On the other hand, a school-going individual will be the most active after their school gets over. Try to get a general idea of the time you should post and do trial and error to find the perfect time. If your target audience belongs to a different timezone your posts have to be synchronized with their time.

4. Hold Contests

Contests are a great way to attract more followers. Hold contests on your account where the followers have to do a certain set of tasks to get a prize or be part of a lucky draw. These tasks could be following your account, posting with your hashtags, sharing your posts, like your posts, or other things. When you get the list of followers who have completed the steps you have mentioned, do a lucky draw. Make sure that the contest is as transparent as possible. This will help you to build trust and increase engagement on Instagram. Contents should be held occasionally and not very frequently.

5. Partner with Influencers

Partnering with Influencers will help you gain popularity on Instagram. Many content creators have risen to the top of the charts by putting out great content and gaining a huge following. When you partner up with a content creator you get your content exposed to a larger audience. Deciding the correct influencer for your account can have a big impact on the results you get from the promotion. The key factor you should look for while selecting an influencer is their niche and their audience. They should produce content in the same niche as you and their audience should be similar to your target audience. Partnering with an influencer suitable for your account will help you reach the true potential of the promotion.

6. Innovate with your feed

People like to follow accounts because of the creativity that can be seen in their posts. No one would like to follow a boring account. Playing with different combinations on your feed will help you to attract more followers. One of the first things that users see while viewing your account is your feed. If you make a unique feed it helps you to gain Instagram followers. To make your feed stand out you could try to use a particular filter for all of your posts. This makes your feed look very attractive. Following a single pattern for all of your posts calls for a lot of commitment. You could also try to color match your posts. Post content that compliments each other when being viewed from the feed. This makes your feed look organized.

7. Make videos

Videos are performing well on Instagram. People have started to watch several videos on the platform. Video on IGTV and reels perform well. If you can create good-quality videos that relate to your niche, you get a massive advantage. This helps you to pull followers to your account and develop a huge follower base.


The tips that we have mentioned above have shown results throughout the years. You have to experiment with these and find out which combination of tricks has the best results for you. Following these tricks and working hard on your content should give you the followers that you want.

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