How To Effectively Clean Your Home Exterior Without Too Much Stress

Homeowners usually forget that the outside of their home needs as much attention and care as the inside, if not more. As the weather gets warmer, you start realizing that dust and debris have started to build up and have come to ruin the outside of your home, your porch, roof siding, and windows. Even though cleaning the exterior of your home may sound like a hard task, in reality, it’s quite simple as long as if you use the right tools and techniques. It depends on the material that the exterior of your house is made of, whether it’s brick, a hybrid material, or wood shingles, and it also depends on how difficult the stains are to remove. The good news is cleaning your house’s exterior will make it look brand new and more attractive. For that reason, if you’re planning on selling the house, cleaning the outside of it will guarantee you a profitable sale. 

Here are some tips that can help you clean the exterior of your house. 

Pick a Day 

Make sure that you choose a suitable day to clean the outside of your home. Pick a warm and dry day to avoid facing challenges or doubling your effort. If you choose a windy or rainy day, you will end up with a dirtier exterior, all the effort you made will go to waste in the blink of an eye. This will also help make the outside of your homestay clean for longer since there will be no wind that causes overspray, or rain that will make your windows dirty and covered in mud. Keep in mind that the doors and the windows of your house may not be completely sealed, even when closed. You don’t want to mess up the inside of your home while you’re trying to clean the outside of the house. For that reason, you have to make sure that windows and doors are properly sealed by putting duct tape over them as well as over electrical outlets and light fixtures on the outside.  

First Things First 

You don’t want to start by adding water to all the dirt, grass, leaves, and weeds that are growing in cracks, which are scattered all over your roof. Start by removing dirt and grime by using blowers and pressure washers. Patch the cracks and holes in the surfaces and restore all the damaged areas. That said, make sure that you remove all the leaves and debris that might be stuck in your chimney or dormers. Seal any gaps that might be leading to leaks and causing dirt to build up and enter your house. And of course, don’t forget about your windows; you can use white vinegar with water to clean them thoroughly and make them look good as new. To dry your windows, use newspaper rather than paper towels to have the perfect looking windows.

Get Ready to Deal with Some Real Stains 

Make sure that you have a scrub brush, a source of water, and some cleaning liquid so you can scrub the stains until they disappear. A popular trick to get rid of heavy stains is to use a solution that contains peroxide to get rid of tough stains. That said, there are plenty of special cleaners that are made specifically to be used in cleaning the exterior of homes available; you need to look for one that is suitable for the material your house is made of. Get a cleaning kit with a nozzle attached to it or just use your garden hose to clean the outside of your house. Make sure that you test the water pressure first before you start the cleaning process, and that you start from the bottom, and work your way up to the top. Spray the water downwards and make sure to move it from side to side in a sweeping motion to get the best results.  

If it seems like cleaning the exterior of your house is too much work, you can always call a professional to assist you and make sure that the outside of your house is extra clean. However, it shouldn’t be hard, especially if you buy the needed supplies to ensure that the process goes smoothly. That said, once you’re done, you will have a sense of achievement and pride after seeing all your hard work come to good use. You can buy the needed supplies and sprays from any home improvement store, and just make sure that you buy equipment that is suitable for cleaning the exterior of your home.



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