How Easy It Can Actually Be To Clean Up Your Home

A chore like any other – most of us don’t fancy doing them at all, but they have to be done one way or another. Cleaning up the place is high up there on the list of things we’d usually postpone as long as we can, along with ironing and paying bills, but unlike the latter – this one means we’re living in filth. To avoid this mess we should, after all, clean up after ourselves at least once in a while. 

The whole process of cleaning up our home can be quite quick if you know what you’re doing and have the right tools at hand (and motivation!). So if you’re not sure about what to do read through these few guidelines and find out for yourself. 

When is Time to Clean?

It might be that you don’t come home every day, it may be that the place is too big to notice everything happening, or maybe it’s a shared space that also shares the responsibilities. But there are a few tell-tale signs that everyone can see, no matter the circumstances, and instantly know that it’s time to clean. 

First off – reactions to dust and allergens. If their concentration is too great you will notice clots of dust and dirt gathering on the floor, and also start sneezing a lot more often because of that.

Secondly, visible stains. They will primarily be noticeable on light surfaces such as tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

The third warning sign, when you might have to take drastic measures, is the appearance of bugs and rodents. Though they might be a consequence of your neighbors’ poor cleanliness and not yours – when you see any of them start scrubbing! 

The Pros Do It Quicker

The aforementioned reasons for not noticing a lack of cleanliness might be summarized also by – not having the time. With that in mind consider professional domestic cleaning services as something that can help you in your quest for a hygienic home. Not only would a professional do it quicker and more thoroughly, but then you also wouldn’t have to store most of the cleaning tools at your place. 

If considering this option note that most companies will want to secure themselves with a long-term agreement, so if you’re not sure about that (being satisfied with their service) – search for one that can offer short-term notice agreements. 

Start From the Top

On to specifics – when starting to clean you should first and foremost gather all dirty laundry, dishes, and other stuff and place them outside the soon-to-be-cleaned room to their designated places. When dusting and cleaning everything, always start from the top and work your way down as all that dust is bound to fall either way. Start with vacuuming only if you have appropriate extensions that can sweep harder spots as well.

Both Dry and Wet

Dry cleaning doesn’t refer only to the special process of cleaning suits and coats, but also to not using any liquids while cleaning around the house or flat. This makes sense on certain surfaces, such as wallpaper or some sort of flooring that readily absorbs water. But, in general, one should always finish their cleaning with at least a wet mop.


This is very important for people with allergies, as studies show how even a basic wet wiping can effectively remove most air-borne allergens from a certain surface. And also – it is even quicker to clean a dirty floor with a wet mop than it is to scrub it with brushes and brooms. 

Modern Age Dirt

The last thing to pay particular attention to is how we may potentially be causing more harm to ourselves by cleaning than leaving it as it is. This has to do with volatile organic compounds, a group of chemicals that are often a part of modern cleaning agents. Though not designed to harm us in any way, they are usually dissolvents for most stains or disinfectants that are effective for household use, but if consumed directly or if we’re exposed to them for too long – they can leave a mark. 

Don’t worry, it may sound bad but they shouldn’t be avoided, just used in moderation, and when used those rooms should be aired until you cannot smell them anymore.


Some people may be overzealous with their cleaning, insisting that everything is always tight and spotless, but we live in an imperfect world and dirt will always be present, one way or another. So don’t worry if you miss a spot, but remember to clean your home regularly, put on some music and enjoy it as much as you can.

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