8 Year Old Frankie Morland Announces Original Climate Change Single ‘World In Danger’

Young schoolboy Frankie Morland from Fleet wants us to look after the world. With so many endangered species of animals that he loves and the ongoing conversation around climate change, he’s worried about tomorrow. Hoping to do something about it, he’s pulled in the help of his school choir and written and recorded his own single in time for Christmas, ‘World in Danger’, set for worldwide release on 13 December 2019 via BMG. ‘World in Danger’ is available for pre-order here.

Frankie has poured all of his innocence and worries about what’s happening to the planet into this beautiful song. Award-winning publisher DK Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House was so impressed by what they heard that they invited Frankie into their offices. Now, working with the young musician, they are coinciding the release of the single with a book of the same name. It’s packed with song-lyrics, environmentally friendly activities and music compositions for young readers to get involved with the topic. Zoe Burnish’s illustrations show audiences what’s happening in the world around us and brings Frankie’s fears to life.
Frankie has been raising money for WWF since he was 4. After sending a letter to his hero Sir David Attenborough – telling him of all the ways he was trying to make change – Sir David Attenborough sent a lovely response back, supporting Frankie and the release of his new single.

Continuing on his quest to raise awareness and fight climate change, Frankie has also pledged to donate all his proceeds from the single and the book to his favourite environmental charities.




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