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With many of us making the most of the nice weather with a picnic in the garden, at Love Belfast we thought we’d share a sweet summer treat that is easy to make and tastes as good as it looks served up in jam jars (but you can use any mould/dish). This flexible recipe is easy to make, needs very few ingredients, and can be made as fun or sophisticated as you like.

Growing up, a staple of birthday parties at home was jelly and ice-cream. Apparently, nostalgia can be good for health and wellbeing so, in addition to walking down memory lane, it may well be a sugar-fix with added benefits!

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I’m a firm believer that not everything you make in the kitchen should require a long list of ingredients, and using every bowl, measuring spoon and appliance, so trying to do more with less while we’re not doing as much shopping at the minute is perfect for me. It’s no surprise then that I’ve made my jelly jars using ingredients I already had in the fridge, fruit bowl and larder, specifically double cream (left over from making garlic potatoes earlier in the week), oranges and jelly.

You’ll need:

Your jelly of choice (powder/gelatine leaf/veggie crystals etc.)

Your choice of fruit (fresh or tinned)

Your liqueur of choice (optional, and only if making for adults of course! I used Cointreau)

Your cream of choice (whipped/coconut/ice cream/yoghurt etc.)

Your topping of choice (I used crushed ginger biscuits – get as creative as you like!)

There are just a few key steps as you’ll see from the video demonstration (making your jelly, layering it with fruit in your jars, and then topping when set) and there you have it, a sweet treat that’s easy to make, doesn’t require lots of expensive ingredients and is fun (and tasty) to eat. What’s not to love!

Whilst you don’t have to use jars, individual portions not only look good and work well for garden picnics, but being pre-portioned helps avoid the temptation of a bigger/second helping.

From the kick of the Cointreau in the fruit and the zing of the orange in the jelly and the cream, to the crunchy-sweet ginger biscuit topping this is a dessert that looks special, tastes indulgent, and if you’re anything like me will convince you beyond doubt that jelly isn’t just for kids…enjoy!

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