6 Kitchen Gadgets to Complete Your Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets tend to be things we don’t need in order to cook basic meals but help us take our cooking to the next level. This may be through processing ingredient in a unique way, or simply automating tasks to boost your kitchen productivity. Here are 5 of the best kitchen gadgets in 2021.

Candy floss machine

To kick things off, a candy floss machine is a great addition to a home for those that love candy floss. This can be a big hit with the kids, as the LED cotton sticks will illuminate the candy floss in various colour modes. The machines themselves can be in various old vintage designs to suit either bohemian or modern homes and can produce candy floss in a matter of seconds.


The most overlooked kitchen gadget is the thermometer – something that is extremely important to safe and effective cooking. There are two types of thermometers that every kitchen should have. Firstly, a meat thermometer that can skewer your food and tell you the internal temperature. This isn’t only effective in mitigating food pointing, but also overcooking which is more common. Secondly, an oven thermometer can read your oven temperature more accurately than your oven and can help you see the pre-heating temperature too.

Food processor

Many people will conflate a processor and a blender, but they’re very different products. A food processor isn’t going to obliterate your ingredients like a blender (though some can) and will work on more solid foods. Whilst blenders only really work on liquid, processors can do things like hummus and pesto, where you’re dealing with more substantial thicker foods. If you have a blade grinder, then this can also double as a small food processor very well.

Electronic weighing scales

Weighing scales shouldn’t just be for those that dabble in baking. If you’re looking to count calories or execute recipes more precisely, electronic weighing scales offer unparalleled precision. This can help you finally dump volumetric methods, such as counting 1 cup and instead go for something more scientific. If you love coffee, you’ll be using this multiple times a day – not just for the coffee grounds but the water so you can keep your ratios reliably consistent!

Rice cooker

Cooking rice is a genuinely tricky task when done “manually”. The time it takes to go from perfectly cooked to stodgy and overdone is seconds, meaning we have to constantly monitor and check it. Rice cookers are well worth the investment to not only improve the quality of your rice cooking but save you time. A good rice cooker will stop cooking it at the right time, but keep it hot for you so there’s no rush to use it.

Airlock jars

Airlock jars are jars that let the air out but do not let air in. This is for fermenting foods, which admittedly isn’t something many people do. They’re missing out though because fermenting foods is an incredible way to enhance the nutrient content of the food for free. The bacteria that grow on the food is vital for our gut health.

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