Ahead of the May bank holiday home improvement frenzy, OFTEC, which represents the home heating and oil industry in Ireland, has released a list of the top DIY fails seen by local heating technicians.

With nearly 70% of households in Northern Ireland using oil as their main heating source, OFTEC is highlighting the potential dangers of homeowners trying to fix, repair, move or install heating systems themselves, with the message that when it comes to boilers or other heating systems – DDIY (Don’t Do-It-Yourself).

The top bodged heating repair jobs include:

  1. Propping an oil tank on unstable makeshift stands 
  1. Locating an oil tank close to gas cylinders
  1. Incorrectly blocking up flue pipes or make-shift flue pipes through windows and walls

David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland manager commented, “It is incredibly dangerous to service a heating system yourself as it could easily create a Carbon Monoxide poisoning risk, an invisible gas that can quickly kill with no warning. A potential fire hazard or fuel or water leak can also be caused by unqualified heating services.”

“With the price of oil so low, we recommend using your cost savings to employ a competent person (ie: OFTEC registered) to safely service your oil appliances and carry out the work, providing you with a professional heating check-up and a complete peace of mind.”

OFTEC registered technicians work across Ireland, at a very high standard. They are endorsed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). It is easy to find registered technicians across Ireland from the OFTEC website using a simple postcode or county search.

For your nearest OFTEC registered technician go to http://www.oftec.org.uk/Consumers/FindTechnician