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Family day out

Summer sun is a precious thing in the United Kingdom, so you better make sure you’re making the most of it. The sun is no fun if you’re cooped up inside for the whole week – so why not take a trip this weekend that gets everybody outside?

Sure, you could make the day out just for you, your partner and the kids – but why stop there? Ask your parents or any other relatives of yours if they’d like to attend for change! Getting your elderly relatives out the house is a great way to keep them active in their old age and you can guarantee they’ll appreciate the offer. If they have problems with their mobility then you might want to look into getting a mobility scooter that you can fold into your car – that way everyone gets to enjoy themselves!

Here are some of our top tips for places to go when getting the whole family out and about in the summer sun!

Luscious Gardens

Parks and gardens are a crowd favourite for a summer activity – and there’s plenty of reasons for that. The older generations get to enjoy a walk around observing the beauty flowers and greenery or enjoy a lie on the grass with a nice picnic. The kids on the other hand get to enjoy a nice run around in a massive space. Games of hide and seek could go on for hours!

Sandy Beaches

The beach is always a good choice for a day out – that is until you get home and you’ve finding sand between your toes weeks later! It’s always best to prepare wherever you go, but this is doubly important for the beach! Be sure to get those buckets and spades packed, and even though you might think it’s an obvious suggestion – for the love of god make sure you’ve packed swimwear!

Wet & Wild Waterparks

While it might not seem like it, there’s plenty at waterparks to cater to everyone’s tastes. The younger ones get to enjoy the high-octane water slides and rapids and the older ones can enjoy the more subdued activities like relaxing in the jacuzzi or a lazy river. The beauty is that by the time you’re going home they’ll have tired themselves out which means you’ll have time for a quiet wine or two when they collapse into bed!

Massive Museums

This might seem like a stuffy suggestion, but if you give your local museum a chance you’ll most likely find out something interesting you’ll be telling your friends about for months later! There are plenty of kid-friendly exhibitions at galleries and museums where they can learn a little more about the world in a way that gets them involved. The best thing? Most museums tend to be free so you can chalk this one up as a cheap day out!

Thrilling Theatres

Make a change from going to the cinema and getting ripped off from the second you walk through the door and have a look into theatres! You can get some very reasonable tickets for matinee showings and see something new and exciting for a change.You never know, you give your children their first taste of live theatre and they might start to look into taking up theatre as a hobby!

There we have it, five of the best activities for the whole family – if you have any suggestions for us to add then feel free to comment below!

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