Date Idea : the new What’s On smartphone app for couples

Date App

Step 1 – Download Tinder,

Step 2 – Download DATE IDEA,

Step 3 – Marriage (no app available… yet),

It’s probably not going to be that simple but at least there is now a dedicated service to find out great ideas for date nights in your city.  Like did you ever get fed up of going for a first date to the cinema where you can’t talk to the other person or even worse get taken out to a quiet bar and run out of conversation, the silence is a killer!  The solution is now in the palm of your hand: DATE IDEA.

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Unlike its similar named competitors this iPhone app won’t give you generic ideas like “go see a play” or “go to a romantic poetry night”, DATE IDEA instead does it exactly what it says on the tin and gives you the precise details of what events are on, when they are on, where they are on, and how much they will cost.  From great theatre at the Grand Opera House, to stand-up comedy at the Black Box and live bands in the Sunflower Public House – DATE IDEA will only show you what’s on next in Belfast meaning you have more time to get ready to go out instead of wasting time looking up where to go.

Don’t worry if you are a Samsung user, an Android version of the DATE IDEA app is coming in early February, just in time for that all important Valentines weekend.  And DATE IDEA isn’t just for singles or new couples as explained by founder Niall McDermott;

“We found through our research over the past two years that many established couples were fed up of going out to the same places and wanted to try something new or that married couples wanted to make the most of the odd time they get out or can get a babysitter for the kids.  So we tried to design a very simple product that’s suitable for all ages, all demographics, all sexual orientations and all relationship types.  There are other apps out there that make you login or sign up and then tell you where they think you should go – we leave that choice fully up to the user with a number of cool filters so that people can explore new events, try out new venues and really see what Belfast has to offer.”

But DATE IDEA isn’t stopping there.  Although its primarily an entertainment listing service, the app will soon have Deal-Of-The-Day features that will allow you to find restaurant and hotel offers close to an event so that you can plan a whole night or even weekend away with your someone special.

We hope to enhance the location functions within the app by Easter so that at any time of the day no matter where you are in Belfast you can accurately find out what’s on nearby you.  We will also be expanding our operations to Dublin and thereafter every major city in the UK so users can plan and book weekends away for birthdays or special anniversaries well in advance and all via their smartphone.”



As part of their recent launch DATE IDEA are offering the chance for users to win a fantastic Valentines weekend package consisting of 2 tickets to see Educating Rita at the Lyric Theatre, a complimentary Wine & Cheese/Antipasto platter before the show and a few more surprise treats to come. Enter below

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