[ comfort zone ] the holistic science-based spa skin care brand




We consider skin as the mirror

of our mental wellbeing,

physical state and the daily choices we make.

Our mission is to promote a soulful,

joyful and sustainable lifestyle,

with advanced science-based conscious solutions

to visibly improve skin, body and mind.



Brand values and story

[ comfort zone ] is a holistic science-based spa skin care brand created in 1996 by Dr. Davide Bollati, pharmacist, cosmetologist and current Chairman of the Davines Group, which also features /skin regimen/, modern plant chemistry for urbanites, and Davines, a professional hair care brand. We see skin as an expression of how we live and feel and we therefore offer an integrated approach that includes treatments, products and lifestyle advice for the health and beauty of face and body.

[ comfort zone ] is currently distributed across the world in high-end selected beauty salons, day spas and resort spas and we have direct branches in Paris, London, New York, Mexico City, Hong Kong  and Deventer.

Our research, development and production takes place in the Davines Village, the new headquarters in Parma designed by Architect Matteo Thun & Partners. Inspired by our Founder’s vision of Sustainable Beauty, it is a unique space where our multicultural staff and partners can meet, work and share our commitment to be the best company for the world. This approach to a sustainable business model has allowed us to become a B Corporation in 2016, a certification issued to companies for their rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

A logo-symbol

The square brackets surrounding the [ comfort zone ] logo represent the expert and caring hands of the researchers and beauticians delivering beauty and wellbeing solutions every day. The key words that accompany the logo are Skin – Science – Soul : Skin, our focus; Science, our guide; Soul, our care for the people and the world around us.


The Scientific Committee

When speaking of beauty and self-care today, it is crucial to take into account the progress made in different fields such as medicine, nutrition, dermatology, neuroscience, genetics, and psychology. For this reason, we constantly work with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and researchers to have access to the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of health, beauty and wellbeing. Our committee includes Dermatologist Dr. Mariuccia Bucci, Cardiologist Dr. Massimo Gualerzi, Neuroscientist Dr. Claudia Aguirre, Alyssa Burns Hill PHD science in hormone health.


Our Integrated Approach

Our complete offer of facials, body treatments and ritual massages target every skin condition in a specific way. Each journey begins with the Tranquillity™ Welcome Ritual which favors mind-body relaxation, and combines our innovative, science-based Conscious Formulas™, with bespoke massage steps inspired by ancient and modern techniques. The wide array of home care products along with targeted lifestyle tips prolongs the benefits experienced in the spa.


Science-Based Conscious FormulasTM

When it comes to ingredients selection, [ comfort zone ] adopts a rigorous approach which combines performance and sustainability  for the skin and the environment. We preferably use natural-origin ingredients in high percentages and advanced high-tech molecules in synergy with the most advanced delivery systems.

All our products are free from silicones we have substituted with oils and butters bringing real benefits to the skin as well as optimum skin feel. The formulas are also free from parabens, animal derivatives and alcohol, and use a precise selection of preservatives, chosen for their mildness and used in the lowest concentrations possible.


International certifications and clinical tests conducted internally and by independent laboratories ensure the safety and effectiveness of our collection.

Sustainable Packaging and Production


All our packaging is CO2 neutral, we use only SFC paper. We are progressively adopting only green-plastic from sugar cane.

In our manufacturing site we use electricity only from renewable resources and we adopt the most innovative technologies supporting a sustainable productive cycle.

For more information: www.comfortzone.it

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