Locke is a ordinary guy who loves his job and his family and leads a happy normal life. But the night before what could be the crowning moment of his career as a construction site manager, he receives a phone call that rocks his entire world. The film follows Ivan Locke as he drives from Birmingham to Croydon, while his life unravels before him, one phone call at a time.

In the first 10 minutes, we learn that Ivan is driving to Croydon for the birth of his child with a woman named Bethan. The problem is that Ivan was meant to be driving home to enjoy a football match with his wife and sons. On top of this, to go and support Bethan at the hospital, he’s had to walk away from a multi-million pound concrete deal, something his manager and colleagues are not too pleased about.

The trailer hypes the film into some kind of thriller. It isn’t that exciting!

Tom uglies himself up with a beard, changes his hunky voice with an Welsh accent and is somehow mesmerising enough for me to not get bored even though they the conversations are about concrete.

Everything about this film is kinda epic. It was shot in real time over the course of 10 nights, with Tom literally spending his evenings on the motorway to Croydon, in a car, having some pretty emotional phone conversations. The rest of the cast were in nearby hotels so that help to ensure they could engage with each other as they delivered their lines.

Steven Knight’s script not only allowed Tom to shine but also kept me completely engaged. Every phone conversation is perfectly crafted to draw you in and help us empathise with Locke and each character he speaks to. It is an extraordinary film.

A truly wonderful piece of cinema that showcases Tom Hardy’s talent in the most spectacular way. A welcome break from the classic blockbusters that will be taking over our cinema’s over the summer. It’s a brilliant film, but will not be everybody’s taste.

I give it a good 8/10



Locke Tom Hardy

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