C’est très bon, le cafe: @DockTQCafe

A little bit of continental glamour to your update today… How’s your French?!

BoUQs_MIQAADd_Q.jpg-largeThe Dock features this week on a French blog detailing a first-ever visit to Belfast, in which the writer, as well as being overwhelmed by the warm Belfast welcome, having their preconceptions blown away and enjoying an absorbing day at our wonderful neighbours SS Nomadic, Titanic Belfast and Titanic’s Dock & Pump House, called in for un petit coffee at un cafe tres marvelleux:

En repartant vers les docks, je tombe par hasard sur The Dock Café. Joli projet de partage qui propose de déguster une boisson chaude et une pâtisserie en échange d’une donation libre, dans un décor très artistique. C’est un de mes coups de cœur.

Or in a less sexy language:

Returning by the docks, I fell by chance into The Dock Café, where you can have a hot drink and snack in exchange an “honesty” offering of cash, the café is set in a lovely setting with very artistic décor. I really enjoyed my time in this hidden gem.

Man alive, I love French.  How much more fun and dramatic does it sound to ‘tombe par hasard’ than ‘happen upon’ (which I suppose would be the literal translation)?

And speaking of those crazy continentals, the Dock Cafe team is becoming very international these days… One day last week, your coffee was being served by Alexandra (Spanish) and Clemence (French) as well as Jordan and Debs (err… Lisburnian and Belfastian):


We also said ‘au revoir’  (in our best terrible French accents) to Marjorie as she returns to France, and ‘Sveiki’ (in our best terrible Lithuanian accents) to Inga as she joins the team:

BqQRBVQIIAA9eQ2.jpg-largeAnd at the risk of mentioning the war, of course we have to give props to Joachim for conducting a lonely, one-man campaign to make anyone in Dock Cafe give two hoots about the World Cup…

Meanwhile, out at the front door, Di Rossi ice-cream is back every Saturday over the summer – giving you the chance to turn your (Peruvian or Columbian) coffee Italian by adding a scoop of gorgeous home-made ice-cream so it becomes an Affagato (which comes highly recommended and, as you can see, carries no possibility for embarrassment whatsoever.

C’est la vie!

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