The Big Bang Theatre at W5


Take your seats and cover your ears because this show gets loud! Prepare yourself for exciting, experimental and somewhat explosive family theatre.

W5’s time travelling explorers have crash landed in a strange laboratory. Here they must find a way of producing enough energy, and the biggest bang they possibly can, to jump-start their malfunctioning time machine. Searching the lab for chemicals, gases and equipment, the explorers must attempt to create a series of energy releasing flashes, bangs and explosions!

Bubbles are set alight, fireballs are shot through the air, balloons explode and rockets whoosh into the audience!! See a series of wild experiments, culminating in one final BIG bang!

This spring, danger, humour, excitement and some very cool science combine to make a really entertaining experience for all the family.

And best of all, it’s FREE with admission to W5.

For further information, show dates and times visit

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