#ArthursDay2013 @GuinnessIreland – Some facts


• All 32 counties of Ireland will have Arthur’s Day celebrations.

• Over 500 free Arthur’s Day music events are taking place in local pubs all over Ireland including 160 in Northern Ireland.

• Over 1,000 home grown and international artists are performing on the night across Ireland.
• Over 800 drumkits, 1200 guitars, 1600 microphones, 300 keyboards, 130 turntables, 600 miles of electrical and audio cables.

• Over 2,575 hours or 154,500 minutes of live performance on the day.

• 5 Arthur’s Day ticketed events featuring headline artists will take place in pubs in Cork (Rearden’s), Limerick (Nancy Blake’s), Dublin (Dakota and Whelan’s) and Belfast (Laverys) on Arthur’s Day.

• Millions of people in 55 countries including Italy, Lithuania, Germany, France, Spain, Caribbean nations, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, will all join in the music celebrations.

• Arthur’s Day will see over 20 pubs across Ireland being transformed into creative hubs featuring applicants from the Arthur Guinness Projects creative and cultural initiative.

• GUINNESS has pledged €3 million over three years to provide funding, mentoring and promotional support towards the Arthur Guinness Projects creative and cultural initiative.

• Celebrating 254 years since Arthur Guinness signed the 9,000 year lease on the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin.

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