After 22 years, Jurassic park is finally open but is missing Spielberg

Cinema: Jurrasic World


This film is missing one thing – Spielberg!

You will never get the same sense of awe you felt when you first saw Jurassic Park. So lower expectations and just enjoy a good fun movie. Try not to roll your eyes that Star of the film is Chris Pratt is a raptor whisperer and Bryce Dallas Howard, playing an uptight park administrator, can successfully run from a rampaging mutant dinosaur while wearing four inch heels.

In the film, Jurassic Park has been open for years. It’s making a fortune, but like any amusement park, it needs to introduce new attractions to keep the customers excited. So a genetically-engineered new attraction is unveiled and everything at the park goes to ruin.

I did enjoy the movie, and will see it again soon with my kids in a few days. Maybe in 3D this time. But the film was missing the suspense and thrill that Speilberg give to the original movie.

Rating: 7.5/10



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