A Night to Remember : 14th April @TitanicBelfast

A Night to remember Titanic


April 14 is the anniversary of the sinking of one of history’s most famous ships. The legend of Titanic will forever remain in the hearts and minds of those born in Belfast. At the time of her construction the small city of Belfast and her workers had placed themselves at a level where the whole of the world was watching them. Not only were they building the largest man-made vessel in the world, they were also producing the most luxurious and opulent ship to take to the sea. 

The tragedy that befell the majestic Titanic on her maiden voyage was something that can only truly and wholly be described by those who experienced it. During this 90min experience, groups will be taken on a journey which tracks the history of Titanic from her design right through to her subsequent place in history. Stop a while and listen to the first-hand accounts of those who bore witness to events of April 14th. Listen as they describe to you their personal accounts of what really happened as the great liner met her fate. 

Guests will be escorted by guides to key points throughout the galleries where a heart-felt story will be told. They will be introduced to an individual whose life was shaped by the world class liner. Guests will make their way back to the present with a warm and inviting hot beverage in the Atrium where they will have the chance to reflect on the stories they have just heard and to take time to contemplate their own stories. 

Relax in the warmth of the atrium and enjoy the music as others make their way back from their journey. 

Guests are welcome to stay for the duration of the event and at 11:40 a candle lighting ceremony will take place on the slipways. This will mark the exact time that Titanic struck the iceberg thus sealing its fate.

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