3 Things to know about Stilton


Stilton gets its name from the Cambridgeshire village where it was first sold in the 18th century. It was the first British cheese to be awarded protected designation of origin status (PDO), and only six dairies in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire are licensed to make it, including Colston Bassett, Cropwell Bishop and Long Clawson.

Which to choose

There are two main types: blue, which has had penicillium roqueforti added to create the characteristic blue veins and sharp acidity, and mellow white.

Break from tradition

Pouring port into stilton was traditionally a way of killing maggots in the cheese bell. Refrigeration means we don’t need to worry about that anymore, but it remains a popular pairing at Christmas.

For more information, visit stiltoncheese.co.uk/producers

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