5 Ways to Improve Your Cup Of Coffee Before Work

Your morning cup of coffee doesn’t have to be a miserable experience, boiling the kettle, making a cup of bad tasting instant coffee that doesn’t even wake you up.

You don’t have to live this way!

And mornings are hard enough, why not bring a little joy into them by having a delicious cup of coffee that brings a smile to your face.

Plus it’s easier than you think. Here are 5 steps to crafting a gorgeous cup of morning coffee.

Get A Proper Coffee Maker

Coffee makers don’t have to be complicated, they don’t have to have a dozen bells and whistles and be covered head to toe in buttons. Even a luxury coffee maker can be simple to use and be a great addition to any kitchen.

They cost less than you think and the quality of the coffee they make more than makes up for the price you pay.

Coffee grounds in the top and a superb cup of coffee out the bottom. Nice.

Use Bottled Water

How does the water that comes straight out of your tap taste? Does it have a bit of a strange taste to it? Maybe it’s not so bad but you’d rather not drink it all the same.

Well if you use this to make your coffee you’re going to find your coffee doesn’t taste great either!

That taste doesn’t go away even when it’s boiled in a kettle or heated in a coffee maker, and that taste doesn’t do anything to improve your cup of coffee.

So why not buy bottled water and use that whenever you’re making a cup of coffee.

Use Fresh Coffee

This is a big one, the coffee you normally buy at the supermarket is sat on the shelf, after it’s sat in a warehouse for god knows how long slowly losing flavor and deliciousness.

It’s fine but it’s definitely not as good as it could be.

Instead you’ll have a much better time if you get some coffee from somewhere local, the good roasters even put the roast date on the bag so you know it’s fresh.

And the optimum freshness is about 4-6 weeks but even a month or two is fine.

You could even get a coffee subscription so fresh coffee gets regularly delivered to your door.

Grind It If You Can

This one is a great one if you want to have a truly delicious cup of coffee, if you can buy it whole bean and grind it yourself you’ll be in a world of flavor.

But it’s a lot more work so you have to give and take, if you don’t have time to grind in the morning you can get a local roaster to grind it for you, even Starbucks will grind up their coffee for you so it’s at least as fresh as it can be.

Take Your Time

Your coffee doesn’t have to be rushed and jammed down your gullet as fast as is feasibly possible, you can take a little time to appreciate it, enjoy the smells, enjoy the warmth, enjoy the flavor. No need to rush and the more time you’ll take the tastier it will be and the more you can enjoy your coffee before you start the hectic work day

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